Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Diabetes Day

Happy November the 14th.  World Diabetes Day.

Crap, my circle looks more like an oval!

I've never paid recognition to this day in the past.  I knew it was WDD but I wasn't part of the diabetes community until recently and so I felt like a tool participating.  Today was like any other normal Sunday except the thought underneath everything I did was "diabetes".  I slept in - like a little pig and it was GREAT!  Then I began my work for the day.  At 2:00pm I took a break to get some of that exercise in for the Big Blue Test.  My normal exercise are things that take a lot of preparation and the intensity and duration is not something I could squeeze into 14 minutes.  Besides, at that time it was ugly, grey and drizzling outside.  Instead I did something that really needed doing.  I cleaned the house.  I know every time I clean the house my blood sugar usually goes low so I figured it was a perfect way to do the Big Blue Test.  I was 8.6 mmol/l (155 mg/dl) before.  Then I vacuumed, mopped and did some dishes.  I will admit, I'm pretty sure it was longer than 14 minutes!  Either way my blood sugar after was 6.4 mmol/l (115 mg/dl).  Not bad for a little Sunday afternoon cleaning eh?

On another note, I am still dealing with my persistent lows except they aren't crashing as often.  I'm just running on the slightly lower than usual side.  I'm okay with this as long as I can catch it.  Yesterday morning I went for a decent run and finished with high blood sugar (because it was morning instead of evening I think).  But later in the day they kept sneaking down.  I much prefer persistent lows than persistent highs.  They feel much worse but its way easier to bring up a low than it is to lower a high.

Anyway, Happy World Diabetes Day.  I wish more people knew about it outside of the online community. 

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  1. I totally agree...I hate persistant highs as they can be stubborn. Lows are generally easier to treat...I like them better even though I know it is SO wrong.

    Happy WDD to you too!


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