Monday, November 15, 2010

World Diabetes Day Videos

Since I discovered how to put videos on my blog I'm going to clump all these together.   These are all videos centered around World Diabetes Day (which was yesterday). There are some fantastic talented folks out there in the diabetes community.  I am trying to figure out how to record a video on my laptop.  I am not very technologically SMRT (yes smrt! Simpson's anyone?).  So I can't figure out how to work my webcam.  I think I need software but I'm telling ya, that stuff just flies right over my head!  I love seeing other people in the flesh, talking and moving like they really are another human being behind that laptop and I really think it would be cool to do something like that.  Although I am very inept when it comes to ad-libbing, I'd like to try.

Up first is a video that Lorraine over at This is Caleb put together.  Lorraine is a mother of a type 1 son.  I was really impressed with this video not only for the quality but also because I had NO IDEA so many buildings around the world are lit up in blue.  She made this video to bring awareness to her sons school.  It was shown to more than 800 students.  Lorraine says: "By getting these simple facts out to the people that Caleb spends his days with, and doing so with the benefit of the beautiful, eye-catching WDD images, my hope it to further foster an environment of support for him while he is at school."  Thanks Lorraine, this was a real eye opener.

Beautifully put and beautifully created.  Enjoy!

The second video is for every caregiver and supporter of a diabetic.  We call these people "type 3's".  This song is from George, who runs the popular blog Ninjabetic.  Him and his son wrote this song for WDD and it's really sweet.  Enjoy!

The next video is by the employees at Novo Nordisk in Princeton New Jersey to honor World Diabetes Day 2010, November 14.  The insulin my life depends on is Novorapid which is made by Novo Nordisk.  I think this is a great way to put out some fun diabetes awareness.  Enjoy!

The last video requires some decent time to watch it.  I watched it while I worked.  Its approximately an hour long.  Go to Kerri's blog at Six Until Me to get the full write up.  Basically it's a discussion with JDRF.  They touch on a lot of research and development topics surrounding the artificial pancreas project as well as a myriad of other things.  What hit home for me was the discussion about insurance companies and the lack of coverage for those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes.  Diabetes is probably the most costly disease to manage.  Hands down.  Anyway.. they also get into detail about the difference between type 1 and type 2 (for those readers who may be unaware).  I was going to write a detailed post about this one day.

So listen if you can, there is a lot to learn.

Thanks to all the great talented folks out there who put these videos together!


  1. The Novo Nordisk video has terrific "energy" it. I saw Lorraine's video a couple of days you, I have a hard time with the techie stuff like vids. I tried to post her video on my blog, but it didn't take. I loved it.

    And...George and his son...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


    I really appreciate these vids....LOVE Lorraine's! Can't wait to check out Ninja's next song :)

  3. Thanks for posting all the videos and I particularly appreciate you taking the time to explain the reasoning behind the one I did - I think it ended up working well for our school event. I was worried because I didn't feel like I had enough time!. :)

  4. Lorraine, I LOVED your video and I absolutely loved the reason why you put it together. You are a great advocate and we all appreciate it indirectly. Thanks for the video.


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