Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soggy Stairs

What's a diabetic to do?...

...When you prepare yourself in advance for a work out, with low temp basals and food/insulin intake?  Then the weather turns nasty right in the nick of time?  Yesterday afternoon I did my usual.  I set my temp basal low, I took less insulin for lunch and I had a Lara bar right before leaving work.  I was planning to take on the stairs.  I stepped outside from work and low and behold it had JUST started to rain.  I didn't think TOO much about it and started on my stair climbing.  By rep #2 it was raining pretty hard.  I continued my workout in the pouring rain.  It's mid November here.  It was cold, wet, dark and downright miserable!  By the time the rain had soaked me to the skin I called it quits.  I knew two more reps were going to leave me with that "chilled-to-the-bone-unable-to-warm-up-for-the-rest-of-the-night" feeling.  There was one somewhat bonus to this, that being that there was not a single person working out on the stairs.  I mean, by the time I squished back to my car holding my breath each time I felt my now very cold wet clothes press up against my skin, I knew why.  The only people I saw were a few folks that use the stairs for commuting.  I saw this one teenager slip and fall right in front of me.  Yeah no kidding.  Slippery wet metal grate stairs covered in wet leaves.  Not to mention how many times I got slapped in the face by falling soggy leaves.  I climbed, I conquered, I'm never doing that again. 

I don't think I would've done that if I hadn't put so much preparation into the D monster.  But what's a diabetic to do?  Sure I'm grateful for my gym membership (though I dislike the gym very much) and I could have gone there to burn off the excess glucose that was then running through my system.  The other option I suppose is to take a bunch of insulin to counteract the low temp basal.  That's a pain in the ass as well as how would you even guess at how much to take?

Has anyone else run into this problem?  When the weather takes a shit on your exercise plans what do you do?


  1. Hey! When you do outdoor stair reps, how many stairs do you go up and how many reps? I've been in your situation before – it sucks! Sorry I don't have any advice beyond that ... I pretty much go home and sulk in front of the TV or rant in a blog :)

  2. Hey Katie! the stairs I do are 330 steps. I like to do 10 reps (though it gets a bit time consuming and monotonous) on average. I would go home and sulk too but then I'd have to double up on insulin.. or something like that.

  3. I know what you mean. Before the twins (when I actually left the house) I'd often go running in the woods and stuff and because I'd be there alone I really prepared...adjusted my pump, packed a bag, all that stuff. If the weather got wierd I would look up at the angry clouds and be like, "I'll be darned if you stop me after all the trouble I've gone through!" Then I'd go home like you did and be like...hmm..that wasn't so, when can we win???

  4. Once again Scully, you open my eyes to things...I don't think about too much. I guess when I decrease Joe's basal for hockey...I KNOW he is going to play. When I decrease for soccer...I know practice is going to happen. I don't think the bad weather has really caught me yet...I only just started the temp basals with exercise in the last year or two...once Joe began doing "consistent" activities...otherwise, he was just a psycho pre-schooler...and kindergartener and there is really no rule books on that shit. LOL.

    Good job getting in the workout btw. I am hard core...rain, sleet, snow...down to zero degrees, I will run. I live in it gets kind of crappy here too. Hang in there are a ROCK STAR.


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