Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday You Say?

I'm totally not sure about this whole weekend blogging idea.  I like to catch up on reading blogs but not so much writing them on the weekend.  It's my brain break.  Not to be confused with a diabetes break because that doesn't exist and we all know it. 

I started my weekend off right with a cute little 5k race with a friend.  I was a total rebel and didn't take anything with me except one GU gel and one Dex4 gel.  I didn't carry my meter or anything else!  After all that running I've been doing I think it's safe to say that anything 30minutes and under I can handle blind.  And it worked out just fine.  Ended up a little high after as predicted.  I'm not sure how I feel about short runs.  They seem to mess with my blood sugar WAY more than a long run.  I mean they cause a lot of high spikes.  It's that or I just don't know how to manage short runs which is probably more accurate since every time I go out I aim for an hour at minimum.  This little morning race also got me to realize how chilly it is in the morning and the pain in my lungs after reminded me that I need to ease back into cold weather running.  It was a brisk lovely morning.

And good for that since for the rest of the weekend I'm perfecting the slouch.  Yep.  I am working most of the weekend at home.  I start out comfortable and upright in my chair and as the time passes I find myself slowly but surely getting lower and lower until the desk top is practically in my armpits.  So I re-adjust and sure enough a little while later I wonder if I won't just slide right under my desk and curl up for a snooze.

Anyway.. it's time for tea number....... shit, I lost count.  Well more tea! 

Yo, this break is over!


  1. I love desk in the armpit position!! I often find myself in that position at the end of my work day!!

  2. YAY for the 5K!!! I am running a 1/2'll be 40 and sunny, perhaps a little brisk on by the waters of Lake Champlain (in VT). Nice postures...I usually am sitting on one leg, which then falls asleep, and I limp around the house when I stand as the blood flow returns to the impinged limb.

    Keep up the great blogging!


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