Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Run Experiment Failed

After I recorded that video (that I posted yesterday) I was heading out for a run.  I wanted to try a running experiment much like the stair experiment I did a couple weeks ago.  I waited until the evening on Sunday because that's when I do most of my exercising.  Which means it would give me the best bang for my buck as far as data collecting.  I also realized I might get the same feedback if I had a CGM.  When my CGM was working though, I found it a bit slow on the uptake when I was running.  The data was delayed, ergo I couldn't get an accurate idea.  Well as you might remember from my wonky video I was having a low right before I went for my run.  That should have been my first indication that this experiment wasn't going to go the way I had hoped.  But I am stubborn which is not a strength sometimes.  I had a juice box and 2 clemintines and headed out.  Before I ran my blood sugar was 6.7 mmol/l (120 mg/dl).  The experiment failed because of the low blood sugar messing with my numbers.  I've said before that I often treat lows with fast acting sugar only.  I rarely follow it up with substantial food (like we're supposed to).   I had already had my pump set for a temporary basal of only 20% for an hour to boot.  Needless to say I had to cut my experiment short because I was going too low but here is the data I came up with nevertheless:

km1: 8.5 mmol/l  (153 mg/dl)
km2: 6.8 mmol/l  (122 mg/dl)
km3: 6.5 mmol/l  (117 mg/dl)
km4: 5.8 mmol/l  (104 mg/dl)
km5: 5.4 mmol/l  (97 mg/dl)
km6: 4.7 mmol/l  (84 mg/dl)

Basically I was dropping on average of  0.76 mmol/l (13.8 mg/dl) per kilometer.  I don't think it's a very accurate number to go off of.  I wanted to go for a 12 km run and get a really good idea of blood sugar effects.  The cards weren't aligned for me though and gulping back a GU gel was just going to mess up the whole experiment so I called it quits.  It was windy and chilly out there anyway, I am not even sure if I broke a sweat.

I will use this info though anyway, for my next running experiment.


  1. Hmm good on you for still getting out there.

    And I don't always follow fast acting sugar with anything either, because it depends when I go hypo. I am am hypo an hour before a meal, fast acting kicks the hypo and leaves me sitting pretty for my meal time BG and injection. Having carbs would screw it all up so, meh, we all have what works.

  2. GIRL...I love your athletic, science experimenting SELF! WOOT. I like to think if I had "d" I would be doing the same as you...working out...experimenting...seeing what works AND what does not. You are an inspiration.


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