Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 12 of 12

I'm not feeling up to going through the spiel about 12 of 12.  So please see my October 12 of 12 and my September 12 of 12 for the explanation.

So this is my November 12 of 12

1.  Home renovations.  This shit is everywhere!  Tomorrow (TODAY) I will wake up with a brand new room.

 2.  This picture hits way too close to home.  :( !!!  I finished off my peanut butter with breakfast.  It may be hard to tell (sarcasm) but I really LOVE peanut butter.

3.  This was my drive to work.  It's been like this for days now here.

4.  This truck was in the parking lot at work.  Actually, there were 3 of them.  I work pretty much right next to/on top of a bar.  Friday mornings are always hard to find a parking spot.  Getting stocked up for the weekend I guess.

5.  I found this little surprise on my door at work.  A sneaky somebody left me some apples, candy canes and Toy Story 3!  Thanks "somebody"  *wink*wink*

6.  Flowers in my neighbours yard when I came home for lunch.

7.  Flowers in my yard when I came home at lunch.  I'm not sure what these are but they seem to be weeds and they grow in my front yard.  They are exceptionally bright orange and I just love them.  I love that little symetrical edge on each and every petal. 

8.  On my way home from work.  I put one of the candy canes to good use.  Us diabetics always have candy in our car.  'Tis the season after all right?   I love candy canes.

9.  Did I mention the home renovations?  Yeah, it spread out into the kitchen.  I despise messes though, and cleaned all this up later.

10.  My new duvet cover for my new bedroom.

11.  If you follow my blog at all you'll know I've been dealing with some persistent low blood sugars for the past couple days.  This mess of garbage was just the evening fixes.  During the day I had another 3 juice boxes (amongst other things)

12.   Lastly, after I took that picture above, my blood sugar crashed again.  It crashed 3 more times that night and once in the morning (today) but since going for a morning run, it seems to be back to normal.  *phew*  The only bolus I took was for breakfast.  What a day!!


  1. great pics and I can totally relate to every single one especially the fog it has been insane here too, you can't see a thing! But I kinda like it!!
    and I miss #2 we don't have peanut butter anymore because my 3 year old has a allergy :( and I LOVED peanut butter!!

  2. your pics made me smile,& I dig the Candy Cane Car Accessory-just what every D needs!Convenient access to sugar...

    Hope the persistent lows cease & desist soon-those suck.(

  3. Yeah, I am with HVS (whoever that guy is) ... I love the candycane idea. I'll have to pass that one onto Joe in 9 years when he can actually drive - LOL. I would go MAD with renovations!!! I hate my shit out of order...UGH. And, sorry to hear about the continued LOWs.

    P.S. Happy WDD tomorrow.

  4. We are going through home renovations over here as well and it is driving me a little bonkers! I loved your photos..esp the last one! Hope the crazy lows are done with and you have a great day tomorrow!


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