Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Week of Willpower

The age old question of "Can diabetics have sugar?".  Well all the diabetics out there know we most certainly can.  All my family and friends out there know I most certainly do.  I am cursed with a sweet tooth, it's true.  Not so much directed towards candy but to anything made out of chocolate.    Over the years the post Halloween week has always been my weakness.  The aftermath of Halloween has always been like a holiday for me.  Discount Halloween candies call my name before they even go on sale.  I had my route of the usual stores I would hit each year.  I would actually make time the day after Halloween for the soul purpose of candy shopping.  Wow, that sounds really bad.  You'd think I'd be making a big deal out of nothing but then maybe you don't know me.  I wish I was making a big deal out of nothing.  I'm diabetic, I just can't devour that much chocolate and not pay for it - drastically.  It's a tough inner battle to fight, trust me.

I know having candy isn't entirely bad because I can have it within moderation and so long as I bolus the correct amount of insulin.  The problem is though, I still find it wrecks a lot of trouble on managing my blood sugars.  Something about that high fructose corn syrup and refined sugars that cranks up the roller coaster.  Needless to say that over the years of post Halloween discount candy shopping has left me none too good for show.  A few years ago I put my foot down and forbid myself to step foot in a store the week following Halloween.  I would make sure I had what I needed ahead of time.   I know it sounds ridiculous that I have to go to these lengths of pre-planning but trust me, the outcome wasn't worth it anymore!  It just wasn't.  I'm not someone who can have the stuff in the house and eat it in moderation.  It is in actuality ALL or NOTHING.  

So far I'm proud of myself these past few years, I haven't bought any discount chocolate.  I have even been into stores and used all of the will power to turn a blind eye at the cheap Halloween chocolate glaring at me.  I have to say I'm a bit surprised at myself.  I must really hate diabetes. 


  1. That sounds all too familiar! Good for you for sticking to your guns and staying away from that after halloween discounted chocolate. I cannot say that I have been as strong as you was the first thing I thought of on November 1 and I admit I was thinking about the choices all day while at work too. I was pleased with myself I only bought 2 packages of 12 small size chocolate bars, but was tempting to keep on going.
    keep up the great work!

  2. Go you! :DD I think Halloween 'candy' is a lost sweeter on the other side of the pond cause the only thing I really 'have' to avoid or pay for it, is toffee apples. But yeah, it is soo hard when you see anything on offer really and know oh I could get all that chocolate!! But then its....yeah but without a lot of fiddling and regret I can't EAT all that chocolte ¬_¬


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