Monday, November 22, 2010

My First Vlog!

I'm a living breathing human being who SPEAKS from time to time!

SO...  I figured out how to use my camera, at least temporarily.  This isn't a very exciting video for a lot of you other D-folk.  I recorded (I almost said "taped" boy I feel old!) a video of myself changing out my infusion set.  It is kind of aimed at friends and family who don't know about the how-to more than the D's out there that do.  Well, maybe there are some people out there interested in the pump, I don't know!  I seem to ALWAYS get the question "How do you put it in?" more times than I care to admit.    Here I use a Medtronic Paradigm and I'm inserting a Silhouette infusion set.  Mind the low-brain, I didn't realize how low I really was until after I finished recording it.  I was in a rush to do this and get out for my run, I only had a couple units left in my reservoir.

Anyway.. here I am, in REAL life.  Don't knock the hair - I've been finding solace in these braids for running in the cold as it allows me to wear a toque.   Hmm..  does everybody call it a toque?  I always wondered if that was a Canadian thing or not.


I know I said it takes SEVEN units to fix prime the canula but as you could see it's only 0.7 units.  Again, mind the half foggy low brain sludge!


  1. Oh wow that was actually really interesting! With me being on MDI, I haven't actually seen all the stuff up close cause I didn't think I was interested but actually very cool to see. That needle does appear to be a beast but I remember when I had two injections a day with needles that size! I'm just lucky they are tiny now. Bubbles >.< Man I remember having syringes where I had to get two insulins into one syringe and if one went wrong I lost the lot! Ah the old days :D People diagnosed in the last few years, hell even since pens came out in the last 8 or 9 would be horrified :D Very interesting but I would like to remain a blogging freak with my pens :D Great vblog and to do it hypo to boot, go Scully go! Hope you came up fast enough and felt ok <3

  2. Brill vlog Scully! I've only ever seen pictures of pumps so found it really interesting. Like Sam I'm on MDI so am appreciating the 5mm needles more after seeing your vlog :)

  3. You are a natural at blogging - and even with a low brain too!! Bravo. I use the Quick-Sets, so it was really interesting for me to see a site change with another type of site. Thanks!

  4. Hi, Scully ...

    Nice site (both senses!). "Toque" is, I think, definitely a Canadianism. I once sent a short story containing that word to an American publisher, and they thought I'd made it up (the word, that is; they knew I made up the story).

    But I digress. Since I was starting to think I might be the only T1 diabetic in Canada (I'm definitely the only one in Vancouver), it's nice to know of someone else inserting Silhouettes and treating lows and going for runs in a toque all in the same day!


  5. Ok, I seriously had to google "toque"...


    Awesome vlog! It was cool to see/hear your voice :)

    Maybe we'll record Sugar's next site change!

  6. thanks for sharing, it was great to see how a site change was done...I always hear about it but never see it!! and yes we LOVE OUR TOQUES here!! :)and all the great runners wear braids ;)

  7. That was fascinating, thank you :)


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