Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Running Adventures

When I step out my door dressed and ready to go I am never quite sure what will happen.  I go with experience and knowledge and a handful of "what-ifs".  Nothing bad happened, don't get me wrong.  It's just that sometimes my runs are like adventure stories.  Except not the choose-your-own kind. 

After yesterdays "freeze my butt off" run I put an extra layer on today.  Within the first few minutes I knew I would be too warm but like I said yesterday, I'd rather be too warm than too cold.  It was much warmer than it was yesterday morning.  I did my usual temp basal goodness and before heading out I had a nice blood sugar of 8.5 mmol/l (153 mg/dl).  Maybe it was TOO nice.  I have started doing my run in the opposite direction whereas instead of running down a long low slope hill and climbing the stairs at the end I am now starting with going down the stairs and running up this long low slope hill.  It's about 25 minutes of running up.  This is proving to be really needy on the blood sugar - duh right?  At the top of the hill my blood sugar was down to 4.4 mmol/l (80 mg/dl).  I still had 25 more minutes before I got home.  I had two choices.  In my tummitote was a GU gel and a glucose gel.  I hesitated and went with the GU gel.  mm hmm bad choice.  Those things take quite a bit longer to work and even longer if you don't have access to water like I did.  15 minutes later I was down to 4.0 mmol/l (72 mg/dl).  I took the glucose gel and then turned off my temp basal.  I arrived home at 6.5 mmol/l (117 mg/dl) which is pretty fantastic but I only just got home not too long ago and I suspect that number to go up over the next couple hours.  I predict it so I won't be surprised.

It is always an adventure.  I found an alternate route home that keeps me off the main roads a even more which makes me a happy runner.  I also ran into a deer by the side of the trail and on Friday I saw a fox.  I tried to get a picture of the deer on my phone but the camera was all gunky and it didn't turn out.  Oh and I lost my house key somewhere along the way.  *sigh* It's times like these I'm glad I keep a spare within reach outside of the house.

Post run garbage.  Too many carbs consumed during a work-out!

Also, I had the Lemon Sublime GU gel and holy crap it tastes JUST like a key lime pie.  It was SOO delicious!


  1. I haven't seen the Dex gel around. Nicole from We Caralot was blogging about it the other day too. I'll have to scope some out.

    The run sounds great Scully! Bummer on the near low...and not a quick enough boost from the Gu sans H2O. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Your running adventures inspire me. I tried to be a runner once...didn't work out very well. Though I *did* make it to 10 miles (I was training for a marathon) but then I found out I was preggo with my first baby -- and then there was an ovarian tumor thing with surgery at 14 much for the marathon!

    I'll run vicariously through you :)


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