Thursday, November 18, 2010

Light Bugs

Okay I'm just percolating with giddiness here you'll have to bear with me. 

First up, the RANT:  I've been bitching complaining since I went on the pump about how glucose meters piss me off.  Previous to the pump I was a Freestyle user all the way.  I loved that little thing and what I loved the most about it was that it not only had a back light but it had a light that shines on the strip.  For me, this was the most amazing thing on the planet.  Yeah, I can be easily amused but I have my list of reasons and you'll be damned if you aren't going to sit here and read through that list:

1.  movie theatres
2.  camping
3.  middle-of-the-night blood sugar checks
4.  anywhere that has dim lighting.  Like a restaurant
5.  driving in the dark
6.  walking/running in the dark
.... you can add to this list, it's not that hard.

What I've come to learn is that I seem to spend a lot of time in dark places.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Since I went on the pump I got sent this F*#!ing Contour blah ugly bitch because it links with my pump.  I have asked about other meters that link with my pump and I got a flat-out "this is the only one".  So I am somewhat forced to use this ugly beast day in and day out.  Yeah I could use another meter but the only numbers the pump will record (for data uploading purposes) are the ones I enter in the bolus wizard.  I was told the freestyle is one of the few meters that has a back light or any light at all. 

My concern (that's a nice word for complaint) is that why, WHY can't they just give these stupid things a back light?  Is it too much to ask?  every damn electronic gadget on the face of this planet has a back light.  Remember WAAY back when the Timex Indiglo watch was the newest and coolest invention?  I remember.  Have you seen an electronic device these days that doesn't come with a back light?  I am constantly fumbling while checking my blood sugar using my phone's back light and trying to hold it all together.  Add a 4am low to that mix and.. well.. you get my point.

So what's all this shiznat complaining about?  A very good friend of mine brought me some of these seriously handy LED lights with adhesive backing.  They are tiny and the first thing I thought of had me literally giggling uncontrollably at the thought.

For the record, I had to google search how to spell that.



  1. NOW THAT IS FUCKING COOL!!! Scully, where do we get those?

  2. Great innovation! I used to use a Freestyle Flash all the time, and that strip-light was great. I've learned with the OneTouch Ultra Mini I use now to carefully feel the strip for the end that has the exposed electrodes, so I put the right end toward the meter, then press the strip down then in to get it in the slot, then poke my finger and squeeze, and only then use my phone to see if I have enough blood, put the blood to the strip, see what number I get. What a pain.
    I forgot how easy it used to be.

  3. OMGsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED THESE STAT!!!!!!!!!!

    I was also a die hard Freestyler...these little dittys (FYI - I don't know how to spell that and didn't google it!) could ease the loss - a little.


  4. Cool idea. Hope you do not mind me stealing it. I just saw some yesterday at Super store but did not think of using them in this way.

  5. My One Touch Ping meter does have a backlight for the screen, but that doesn't help me hit the strip with the drop of blood (or be sure the "window" filled). This would be an awesome addition. I see myself at a hardware store soon...

  6. Goggle is my best friend, but don't tell spell check because she gets jealous very easily!!

    great thinking!!

  7. holy crap on a stick! We use freestyle at night or in dark places and our one touch with links to the pump the rest of the time for the very reason you mentioned. But those little sweet. I am going to get some. besides..Addison will think they are very cool!

  8. That's awesome! Great thinking. I need to look into trying that myself. It stinks having to flip on the light or leave the dark room for more light elsewhere just to test...especially if already feeling low/sluggish. Where can I find those?

  9. WELL!! in response to all you eager folks, I asked my friend where he got them and he told me at the local supermarket. I'm sure you can probably find them at hardware stores too. It's kind of hard to tell you since I have no idea where in the USA you can buy them! I have used it for my middle of the night BG check for a few days now and it makes SUCH a difference!

  10. You wrote this a long time ago, but that is AWESOME! I have to get some!!


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