Sunday, November 21, 2010

KIND bars

Awhile ago I wrote about how much I love Lara bars.  With the handful of ingredients, whole foods, low carb, gluten-free AND delicious, I couldn't help it.  I have another bar to introduce to you.  I've been buying these guys for awhile now too but took for granted how fantastic they are.  I love these just about as much as I love Lara bars.

KIND Bars!
I knew they were gluten-free because it says so right on the package.  They are very much like Lara bars with a few extra ingredients.  The ingredients are ALL recognizable.  Unlike Lara bars which are sweetened with dates, these KIND bars are usually sweetened with honey.  They are like a handful of trail mix mixed with honey and shaped into a rectangle.  You can see whole almonds in there.  Seriously, it's so simple I wonder why I don't make them at home.  Probably because the convenient packaging and laziness.  I haven't tried them all, they are sometimes hard to find here and often you can only find a handful of flavours.  Every one I've tried though I've loved.  They, too, are also low carb in around 20-25g carbs.  Some of them have a decent amount of fibre also.  My favourite that I've tried so far is the Walnut & Date.  I use them like I use Lara bars.  Often before a workout or any other time I need a snack on the go. 

To see more, visit their website.  


  1. Those look yummy! I don't think I could get Joe to eat them though. I did try to make them a few years ago. I think they were called "bird bars" or something...seeds, nuts, honey, and peanut butter...I would weigh the whole batch to figure out the carb factor and then weigh each of Joe's bars and multiply the weight by the carb factor to figure out how many grams of carbs were in his particular serving. Well, considering he didn't really like them...and I was out of my ef-fing mind trying to be a 3 year old's pancreas...and apparently "one of those moms"...I dropped the bird bars. LOL.

    Yours look much "easier" and probably more palatable than my home-made version.

  2. I love love love KIND bars. They are gluten free, super tasty and even have a relatively low carb count per bar! Some even have as little as 10g of carbs (14carbs - 4 fiber)! Wooo hooo


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