Friday, November 12, 2010

In The Dog House

My blood sugars are STILL pissing me off.

HELL-LOW my aren’t you a persistent little bugger!

Three nights ago the stairs and I had a really good successful workout. Two nights ago spin class and I had a not so successful workout but a hard one none-the-less. Yesterday I was aching all over (and still am today). Yesterday I also had very little appetite and it resulted in very little carb intake. After two nights of heavy exercising I should be trying to fill my body with recovery food like carbs and proteins. Alas, I failed at the eating game yesterday which left my “D-mon” none to please and it made that clear to me. It’s surprising sometimes how long after the exercise my body reacts to it. I should re-iterate that, how long after it effects my blood sugar!

Yesterday afternoon it started catching up with me. The bitch wanted carbs and I didn’t oblige. It proceeded to backlash me with lows every 30minutes to an hour. I appeased the beast with enough to keep it at bay until the next crash. Yeah I probably should’ve just eaten a carb + protein laden snack. It’s not that I don’t know this, it’s that I was busy and preoccupied. Too preoccupied to eat and/or give a shit. So I dealt with it, one low at a time. I think I only bloused for breakfast and lunch. I had NO insulin on board for the second half of the day and yet I had to keep cramming sugar shit in there all evening. Also my 3 am reading resulted in a middle-of-the night juice box chug and waking up to the wonderful ZACKLIES this morning. Then to rub salt in the wound, as if I hadn’t learned my lesson yet, I am greeted with a 2.8 mmol/l (50 mg/dl) 2-hour post breakfast reading.  Then another low an hour after that, and an hour after that!  I have no more juice boxes at work and have been working through an over-exposed half-aware morning so far.  I haven't been the most productive today. 

Moral of the story? Yeah, I know, I know eat more after working out. Un-huh. Let me, um, shove that idea where the sun don’t shine. 

I just want you to know I am fully aware of my mistakes on this. I blame it whole-heartily on myself because really, I know better. It’s just sometimes I don’t have the mind power to put forth energy to it. Eating is such hard work.  It’s also not usually this bad either. I am in the diabetes dog house for sure right now. I’m going to sit here in the corner and contemplate the consequences of my actions. Hey, throw me a juice box will ya?


  1. *tosses juice box* Now, scoot over so my graham crackers and I can join you in there. Had a similar day yesterday!

  2. That stinks SCULLY! Can you do a decreased temp basal for awhile too?! I have to do that for Joe after hockey.

  3. I hope you're having a better day today!!!!!!! Here's an extra juice box just to be safe :) Hoping to get a 12 of 12 posted, but it may be a few days late. Crazy weekend!


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