Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ah, Teaday... I Mean Sunday.

I mentioned something about random pictures right?
well here's two.  This has essentially been my day.. almost my entire Sunday.

Did I spend my entire day drinking tea? Not quite.  But I did spend it working.  When I work (especially at home) I drink tea.  Mostly green and white tea.  All in a days work in Scully-land.  Sure it was a beautiful day (and still is for the most part).  But after a day like this I'm brain dead and all I feel like doing is retiring to the couch to veg.

Oh and I also managed to snag a picture of my pump before it's replacement gets here tomorrow.  I wrote a post a couple days ago about my Medtronic rant.  It's kind of hard to see but I circled the two areas that are cracked.  The area by the battery cap being the worst.  The thing that bugs me about this is that I have NO IDEA how long it's been like this for.  I only noticed when I got my low battery alarm and I went to change it out.  Furthermore, how in the hell did it get like this?  Did I screw the battery in too tight? Did I drop it? and what's with the crack at the reservoir also?  If I DID screw the cap on too tight should it really crack like this?  What kind of expensive medical device is this that I can't even screw the battery cap in tight?  I mentioned in my other post also that this thing is attached to me 24/7 with the exception of showering and changing out the reservoir.  In all those times I don't recall dropping it to any great degree.  When I do drop it, it's usually when it's attached to me and so the tube catches and it dangles, never hitting the ground.  My pumps location is in my cleavage.  I reckon that's a pretty soft safe spot no?  So it beats me. 


  1. I have heard the Animas pump will do the same thing if you "over-tighten" the cap. Luckily, I haven't found this to be true yet...

    Nice photo-op for the MM.

  2. Ahhh....I LOVE me some tea! I work from home and always have a cup of herbal something-or-other in the office with me :)

    Sorry about the cracked pump. My daughter has been pumping for almost 4 years -- 1st with Cozmo, now Animas....we haven't had to return Animas (yet), but did go through 3 pumps with Cozmo...once the issue was a cracked battery cap, and the other two times it was some sort of "internal error" message.

    Hope you get your sparkly new pump soon and it hangs in there for the long haul!


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