Monday, November 29, 2010

Cold Changes Things

Exercise and weather - it can really suck.  Add diabetes into the mix and it sucks even more.

When I am playing outside in the sub zero temperatures I keep my pump in my bra.  Actually, that's what lead me to keep it there permanently.  I prevents the tubing from freezing and the pump from getting too cold.  Its really hard to get at however, under layers of clothes but that's something else entirely.  I clip it upside down to the bottom of my sports bra to keep the pump and tubing next to my body.

I can't help but remember how many times I had to walk the rest of the run during the summer because of non-compliant blood sugars.  It wasn't so bad though now that I'm looking back.  It's pretty much winter out there these days however.  On Saturday when it was super cold, my running buddy had/has some knee problems.  He had to stop and walk and wasn't sure if he could keep on running.  We still had about 2.5 or 3km to go before we got back to our cars.  I wasn't dressed warm enough for running nevermind if we had to walk 3 km.  That could easily take 40 minutes.  We walked for a few minutes, long enough that I could feel my body temperature dropping quickly.  Lucky for us he managed to pick it back up again and we ran the last couple kms. 

I guess my concern is just that.  More what-ifs.  What if I'm out and my blood sugar isn't cooperating and like the summer, I'm stuck walking back?  The winter isn't forgiving for that.  I am not dressed for a walk in the cold, I'm dressed for a run.  I am dressed knowing that when I start out I'm going to be chilly until I warm up.  What, at that point, could I do?  I haven't come up with an answer yet because there really isn't just one solution.  It is something I fear for sure.  It doesn't even have to do with blood sugars either.  What if I twist my ankle on some ice or any other injury like that?  I carry my phone on me for sure but it's not like I know people who live close enough to me to come and get me. 

I suppose I just really need to sit down and come up with a "what-if-plan".  I don't like the idea of changing my route and/or location but I don't really run where I am easily accessible.  There can be other options I know.  Bus routes, or near indoor places to wait for rides... etc.  The thing that I think will help me out the most, more than anything else, is really getting to know my blood sugar.  I always think I can't possibly work harder at it but there is always room for improvement.  It may not necessarily be improvement either, perhaps I just need to pay more attention and err on the side of caution.  Run my blood sugars a bit higher for winter exercise to eliminate the what-if of going low and having to stop.

Meh, I'll mull this one over for awhile.


  1. My Cara is going to be a runner. She is so athletic and has a running form just like her dad (he was an amazing runner) Out of 6 kids Cara our T1 is for sure the most athletic so we will have a lot to learn when she gets older!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I always carry my phone and $20 with me no matter where I run for "just in case" I need a taxi.

  3. Katie, great idea. At least if I have my phone on me I can program the local taxi number into it. thanks.. that makes me feel better.


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