Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Bite me D!"

Yesterday’s blood sugar pissed me off.

I go to spin class on Wednesdays during the cold months which is like ¾ of the f’n year here. This was only my second week back at the class so maybe I forgot what it takes to figure out my BS (I like using BS rather than BG sometimes because it really is BULLSHIT). My work hours have shifted so that I start earlier and finish earlier which means I get to the gym earlier. Whereas before I would race to get to the gym in time to snag my bike. This is a popular class and bikes are pretty limited.  And I have "MY" bike I prefer (Nerd, I know).  Class starts at 6pm and if you haven’t secured your bike by 5:15, you might be out of luck. I digress, I had time to kill before class. I turned my pump down to 25% and didn’t really have a lot of insulin on board. About an hour before class my BS was sitting pretty in the atmosphere at 16.0 mmol/l (288 mg/dl). “Fark” is what I said to myself out loud in the locker room. I went through my bolus wizard and hesitated before pressing the ACT button for the recommended correction bolus. I think somewhere deep down inside was seriously uncomfortable with this. Call it my intuition but I felt some bad ju-ju resting in my gut. Oh well. I’ll deal with it. the thought of 16.0 with a temp basal already at 25% just felt WRONG on all levels.

"FUN" go round, more like "BARF" go round

During my kicking around before class time I took a “brisk” walk on the treadmill with the incline up for about an hour. I watched some silly TV. Another digression coming… I don’t have TV at home. It’s another topic all in itself but when I go to the gym it’s a novelty to plug into the 6 channels and watch some garbage for awhile. So my walk - I actually broke a sweat so I must’ve been working pretty hard. It was nearing time to get settled into my bike. I got off the treadmill feeling like I was getting off one of those old playground apparatuses. You know, the ones that were banned? I was disoriented and my legs were wobbly and wonky. I hate that feeling which is probably why I don’t like running inside (amongst other reasons). I weebled back to my locker to get my cycling shoes and found my BS at 5.3 mmol/l (95 mg/dl). Yeah, another “FARK” “SHIT” etc etc flowed out of my mouth. I get the strangest looks from other women in the locker room. I downed a GU gel packing 27g carbs. Within 5 minutes of spinning I ate another two packs of Rockets (Smarties for you non CDN folk). And again half way through I had another two packs of rockets. By the time I finished class I had consumed 57 g carbs!!!!!! Holy hell, that’s half my ENTIRE daily carb intake. What was the point of even working out?! It eats me big time. I just know that if I didn’t correct that MASSIVELY high blood sugar it would have stayed that high and made my class miserable on the other end of the spectrum.

This is one of those times where I say as a diabetic “I do what I have to do.” Followed up by a big *SIGH* and a “Bite me D!” under my breath.


  1. That SUCKS! I would be so frustrated to be working out and having to eat all of those calories to keep my BG up. So sorry Scully. I am so grateful to you and other PWDs...I would never think about this part of it for Joe in the future.

    BTW...I hope "your" bike ran well...and I am loving the word "FARK"...I may need to steal that one.

  2. This is the thing that makes me angriest about exercising. I admire you for exercising anyway; for me, it's too easy to use as an excuse.

  3. That just totally ticked me off too! I want to grab the effing D monster by it's neck and swing it around like a lasso before thrusting it out to a nasty croc infested swamp!!!!

    BTW, I miss those banned merri-go-rounds. Seriously. Why did they have to get rid of them?


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