Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 days to go

Damn you NaBloPoMo!

I have been cruising along nicely all month long and quite shocked to be honest.  Well with only a few days left I'm totally running out of steam.  Its Saturday here, and I can't quite fully relax this evening until I get this post out of the way.  I never wanted to write garbage to fill a day but I think I just might have to. 

Went for a run this morning with my running buddy.  It was nasty cold out there, below zero, and gale force winds.  I am still chilled even now.  I haven't got any super warm running clothes yet and so I wasn't entirely prepared.  When running in the winter it's always good to be too warm then too cold.  Talk about a frozen bum!  When I got into my car it felt like I sat down on a block of concrete.  I think it hurt but I'm not sure because my bum was numb.  It was snowing really pretty even despite that it was coming down on a horizontal angle.  I adore snow so at least that much made me happy.

That is pretty much my day.  I am so tired I could go to sleep right now, I was nodding off on the couch before I came to write this post.   Its only 6:30pm. 


  1. Brrrrr....I'm freezing just thinking about it!

    I was in short sleeves today :) Desert living!

  2. It is minus god knows what here and there is 2 and a half feet of snow ;_; Do not want.


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