Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Does Money Buy?

In Canada, as part of the Assisted Devices Program I have a government funded pump.  Every 3 months I receive a cheque for $600 to spend on pump supplies.  I always feel like such a kid when I go into the pharmacy.  This time, I walked up there and I said to my very friendly pharmacist "I have $600, what can I get for that?"  As if I was going into a candy shop with my $1 and I was 6 years old again.  I sort of felt like I was bartering.  But without the bartering.  I think bartering needs to come back.

It's always exciting in a very strange way.  It's not like it differs much every 3 months.  Anyway.. I went over my $600 budget which meant the rest came out of my pocket. 

So what DOES $700 buy you in insulin pump supplies? 

3 months of pump supplies:
2 boxes of Quick-Sets
1 box of Silhouettes
2 boxes of reservoirs
1 box of Skin Tac Wipes

I must say, to look at that pile and see a $700 price tag on it just breaks my heart.  How can plastic and tubing cost so much?  I think about what else I could buy for $700.  Then again, this stuff keeps me alive.  So really, I have no choice.  Pump companies could charge more and we'd still have to pay.  There just wouldn't be as many insulin pump users.  MDI's were so much cheaper.

Mind you this is only pump supplies and nothing else like test strips, insulin and all the other miscellaneous paraphernalia and accessories.  Yes paraphernalia and accessories just sound so much more exciting then prescriptions and supplies.

End note:  I'm not good with currency conversions but $700 CAN = $681 US = 490 EUROS


  1. You are one lucky girl. In other province, still within Canada, we don't have any government funding for insulin pumps or supplies.
    We should all go back to bartering, I'm sure we could each offer some time or resources in exchange for our diabetes supplies.

  2. Anonymous: INDEED I am eternally grateful to even have a government funded pump. I jumped on that as soon as I caught wind of it. Insurance companies, as far as I know, never cover pump and pump supplies (in Can) so the only other way is to pay for it out of pocket. It's likely why there aren't many Canadians on pumps. I appreciate it every day.

  3. It does seem like a small pile for a big check. But a beautiful pile it is nonetheless.

    Nice story re: tallygear. We are spibelt users here for DexCom, but I'm impressed that you got that little package as a surprise.


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