Friday, October 22, 2010

'Tis The Season!

It's Halloween soon, so why not? 

Whenever I'm doing heavy cardio my hands swell up something fierce.  During the exercise when I test my blood I get these huge gushers that literally pour blood.  Sometimes I try and wipe it on my clothes (if I'm wearing something black).  Other times I simply get all masochistic on myself and watch it drip all over the ground.  Sometimes I suck on it but I hate the taste of blood and by golly sometimes there's a LOT of blood!  Well, I guess you can call me a sick twisted fool but I took a picture of it.

I was just getting in my car to leave and was testing my blood one last time.  It doesn't seem to matter how low I have the lancet set on.  It can be on dial #1 and it will still create this insane gusher of a bloody finger.  There isn't a whole lot I can do to stop it either, aside from trying to put pressure on it.  Have you ever tried running while holding pressure on a finger?  Not a chance, I'm too busy and preoccupied to try and stop a bleeder. 

Which is why I let 'er drip all over.  I may be sick but it doesn't gross me out, it makes me laugh.  So long as no strangers are around to watch, I'm all over that.  I get such a kick out of it that sometimes I think I really am sick.  We've got to make ways to make ourselves smile from time to time even if that means leaving a blood trail on the trail.  You'll always know where I've been running!

What an appropriate picture!  I hope I didn't just gross you out!  'Tis the season for blood and guts after all is it not?  I really think us diabetics have the upper hand (pun intended) at this time of year.  So get your gushers on folks!


  1. That's awesome! I am an "apply pressure to fix it" kinda gal, but I know I've seen those gushers too many times to count...especially after hardcore cardio or even hot yoga.

  2. I love that picture. :-)
    A couple notes:
    Puffy hands during exercise can be a sign of low electrolytes.
    Everyone's blood naturally gets thinner during cardio. It's one method your body uses to move oxygen more quickly.
    I usually try to stop the bleeding because I like my running shirts and biking jerseys. They're expensive, too.

  3. Wow.....that's freaky! Totally HALLOWEENISH!


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