Friday, October 8, 2010

*sigh* Tummitote Disappointment

The Tallygear Tummietote didn't work for me.

I'm very upset to recount my experience but you can't always have good reviews right?  The Tallygear Tummietote was originally designed for active diabetics to carry personal items and be hand-free.  I am active (to say the least).  I normally don't have a problem with things like cycling or hiking because I have places to carry things.  Where I've always had a problem is with running.  At the beginning of the summer I picked it back up and signed up for some races to keep me motivated.  I hadn't really run for the past couple years, not since I completed a half marathon and at the time I was on MDI's (Multiple Daily Injections).  In fact I can't even remember if I carried anything with me at all, I don't recall ever carrying a meter.  Back then I would get my blood sugar WAY up and just run it off.  I carried fast acting sugars, I think!?  Well, since the pump and my new found determination to get this bad boy (D) under control I find myself with a lot more STUFF!!  The list of things and where I carry them goes something like this:

Meter: In case in my hand as I run
Insulin Pump: clipped upside down to the bottom of my sports bra
IPod: clipped to my shirt somewhere
Energy Gel: stuffed in my sports bra
Glucose Tabs:  In a tube shoved down my cleavage
House/Car Key: tied to the waistband drawstring of my shorts
Cell Phone: I hate having one but... what if...?  I wear cycling shirts because they have a pocket in the back.  I put the phone in the pocket and then cram the pocket into my shorts so it doesn't bounce.

THAT is a lot of stuff just to get out the door for a run!!!!  Sometimes when I think about this, I wonder why I run in the first place.  Getting ready for a run is like meticulously packing for a trip.  Trying to keep my pump tubing from getting all tangled up with my earphone cord is impossible.  I hate all of these things.  I remember when running meant only a key and some music.  This may be TMI but all of these things bouncing around my sweaty body while I run cut and gouge me.  As if my torso wasn't spotted enough with old sensor and infusion sites I've always got cuts from the things I tuck away.  After reading Sarah's Review I decided it was time for me to order a Tummietote.  I was REALLY excited to try it out and couldn't stop jumping up and down at the thought of being a bit more hands-free not to mention free from bloody cuts - literally.  I was sadly disappointed.  Within minutes of the run it started riding up on me.  I kept pulling it down every 30 seconds or so.  I thought about turning around and just calling it a day but us diabetics KNOW.  I had to prepare hours ahead with bolus and temp basals to make it all happen.  Turning around would ease my frustration but not the insane blood sugars that would follow.  So I stopped.  I started pulling everything out and stuffing it down my sports bra, I felt defeated.  I must have looked like I had misshaped marbles as breasts.  I left the belt on as I had my meter, lancet and a few strips loose since I wasn't carrying my meter case in my hand like I normally do.  It continued to ride up with every bouncing step.  EVENTUALLY I clipped my pump to my shorts AND the tummitote just to hold it down for the duration of the run.

I am very sad to report that I hate the Tummitote. :(  It's all good in theory and I'm SURE it works in other active situations but it just would not stay put while running.  Granted I think I bought a size too big but I would imagine no matter how tight it is it's still going to ride up and onto my waist where it doesn't belong.  The fabric is way too slippery, I think that's why it kept riding up.  It may also be "just me" and my body shape that causes it to shift.  I've tried running with bottle holder belts and other fandangled systems but nothing I've ever tried has stayed down. 

So it's back to the drawing board for me and I'm not loving the idea of that.


  1. I'm sure it would not ride up on my body shape. Try RaceReady Long Distance shorts. Tons of pockets.

  2. glucose tabs down your cleavage?! You sound badass :D Anyway, I've done the out the door with my diabetes things stuffed in wierd places and keys jangling about...I like to run in cargo pants because of ALL those wonderful deep pockets! It gets kind of warm but, it works ok so far... Those race ready long distance shorts sound pretty awesome I'm going to check them out


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