Thursday, October 7, 2010

No D Day

So this is No D Day where we are to blog about anything BUT diabetes.  To be truthful this is relatively hard.  I started this blog for diabetes only.  At first I thought I just wouldn't write anything but then I got to thinking that would just defeat the purpose of the no D day that has been set out before me.   That purpose is that we are a lot more than our disease.

I've chosen to write about another passion of mine that plays a large role in who I am.  I could write about all my outdoor interests but I'm choosing only one in particular: Camping.  I have loved camping since I was a teenager when I first started going out with my friends.  I'm not talking about just any kind of camping, this is interior back-country camping.  I have car-camped from time to time almost always in the winter due to the desire to just get out but not the time to plan it.  What I adore doing is backpacking.  No matter what season it is.  Of course I prefer the warmer months but cold weather backpacking has its benefits too.  It requires a lot more work in the winter but it's also deathly quiet and serene.  My absolute favourite time to spend outside camping is in the snow.  NOTHING makes me more happy!! Backpacking requires careful planning and etiquette.  I love being able to put on my pack and head out into the wilderness without much worry because I have everything I need right there.  I have a soft spot for outdoor equipment shopping and can rarely pass by a camping store without going in.  I've spent days and weeks planning for trips, preparing new homemade lightweight camp food.  Forever trying to improve.  I honestly can't count the miles I've hiked or paddled, I just know it's the only thing that makes me feel solid and grounded.  I love the idea of getting to a site and spending hours setting up tents, tarps and kitchens.  Collecting wood, hanging food and bathing in lakes.  It all seems so primitive but that's just it, it's about the basic survival needs.  Fire and warm sleeping bags.  No cars and houses and TV's and laptops.  Just me, laying in the pine needles listening to the wilderness.  I don't need a whole lot more to entertain myself out there.  A simple campfire keeps me mesmerized for hours and occasionally a good book.  So in essence, the outdoors is where I feel the most comfortable and at peace with myself.   It has definitely defined me.  

Following are a handful of photographs.  I am usually the photographer on trips so finding pictures of myself wasn't very easy!

This is very much car camping!  In Alberta, I drove out by myself to do some camping and cycling.  This was the best set-up I could come up with as there were no trees to speak of and storms kept rolling in.

-10C is a balmy Valentine's Day.  My dog has his own backpack where he carries his own things (and sometimes my snacks!)  He comes on every trip except the really cold ones.

This was one of my favourite trips.  We headed out with our backpacks (when I lived in Alberta) to go camping in the mountains.  We got lost and then overshot where we had intended to camp.  We just kept going as we were having a great time.  We climbed to the highest peak with our loaded backpacks on.  In the end we turned around, climbed all the way down and drove home.  We didn't care that we never ended up camping, the day turned out to be an adventure that will never be forgotten.  The day we unintentionally climbed a mountain with loaded packs.


  1. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful! Camping is something I love to do but just never do it.

    I think this winter we should do some camping. Now to get my wife on board!

    thanks for this post!

  2. You are hard-core. I did novice level camping with friends years ago, about 200 miles from Chicago. (Real wilderness eh?!) I loved being in the middle of the quiet nowhere and seeing SO many stars at night. Thanks for sharing and posting such great pics!

  3. Wow, your life is like opposite world to my life, LOL! I do not like to go outside if it's below like 50F, and I actually prefer something more along the lines of 80F. I'm a lame like that. I have camped, but it's been a long time. It's fun, but I've only ever done it because I was going along with someone else who knew what they were doing and happened to invite me. The husband is most definitely not an outdoors-man by any stretch of the imagination, so the chances of me ever going camping again are pretty slim.

    You're pictures are cool though, and are a reminder that one of these days, I would like to take some kind of vacation to the Canadian wilderness. Just not in winter ;)


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