Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear Tallygear...

A post I've been itching to write.

I completed my half-marathon yesterday.  Before I get into boring diabetic details in my next post, I really have only ONE thing to say to ONE person.

Donna from Tallygear:  YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

I purchased a Tummitote a little while ago and wrote a disappointing post about it which I apologize for.  I never realized how far this blog gets out there and who might be reading it.  My problem with the Tummitote is that it doesn't work for me while running.  Which is my only true true need for something like this.  The fabric is super soft and comfy almost to the point where you want to rub it on your face.  This, however caused too much slippage and the belt kept ending up bouncing loosely around my waist every 30 seconds.  I am very uncomfortable with things up around my waist. I was upset, to say the least.  Not at the design, at the fact that it didn't solve my problem.  I couldn't figure out if it was the fabric, my body shape, or the fact that I wanted it to stay on my hips and not my waist.  I've thought about other items such as the Spibelt since it's had fantastic reviews all over the place.  It, however, looks really small.  From what I can see it doesn't have enough volume for those items I need most (GU gels, glucose gels and glucose meter).  It seems it's aimed more at the non-diabetes type runners.

Well, I came home from work Friday afternoon to discover another package from Tallygear so quaintly peeking out of my mailbox.  I immediately thought there must have been a mistake and I got sent two by accident.  Upon opening said package a very sneaky smile spread across my whole face.  A new Tummitote made from 100% cotton accompanied by a hand-written letter is what I found. The words "NO WAY" kept coming out of my mouth over and over again causing my dog to question my sanity.  Donna from Tallygear read my post (again I'm sorry I spoke too soon).  She made me a belt out of less slippery fabric.  She even put a couple extra inches of velcro!  Which was fantastic!  Well, Donna, you're timing couldn't have been more appropriate.  I went and changed into my running shorts straight away and strapped that sucker on.  I then proceeded to jump and run around my house trying my hardest to knock it loose.  It didn't budge.  Just as well, this appeared less than TWO days before my half-marathon!  I don't know what planets had to be aligned for me but whatever the stars said, it was simply meant to be.

I put the belt on right before the race and didn't touch it, adjust it, muss with it until I removed it after I crossed the finish line to put it back in my bag.  THAT is what I call a bloody good design.  THAT is what I call my new favourite running accessory.  It saved me from so much frustration.  This is the first time I've run post diagnosis and felt this free.  It was absolutely liberating!

THANK YOU to Tallygear for renewing my love for running as a diabetic!
Race details to come tomorrow, too much for one post.


  1. I am so jealous! I wish I would have been able to do the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon this year again! It was last weekend... But being only 1.5 months post baby there was no time to train at all. In fact I started running last week again. SO FUN. And yesterday Hubby and I went out running together. It was so amazing. I'll bet your race was awesome! GOOD FOR YOU! Can't wait to read the post.

  2. WOOHOO!!!! I LOVE DONNA :) And we love our Talleygear Tummietotes -- I wear one to the gym every day to hold my phone, earbuds, childcare bracelets, etc...

    So happy it worked for one of the biggest accomplishments of your life!

    CONGRATS...and that tummietote looks HOT, btw :)

  3. Woo-hoo! Congrats on the race! I'm thinking about a Tummietote, not for exercise but to wear with dresses and looking at your pic, I don't see any tell-tale bulges. Hmm....And, that is fabulous customer service on Tallygear's part which makes me all the more inclined to order!

  4. Rebecca: once a runner, always a runner! you are a bit preoccupied at the moment :)

    Wendy: YES, Donna is my hero. She is sending me a third one to try out made of another fabric again! That slippery stuff didn't work for me.

    Fiona: Tummitote is the way to go! I know it looks flat in the picture but it was a little bit bulky to be honest but I had bulky stuff in it. I had 2 GU gels (well I ate one so in the end I only had one. I also had my meter, lancet and strips loosely in a pocket and then I had a Dex4 glucose gel. I keep my pump clipped to my shorts. Those tummitotes can carry a lot of stuff but it will eventually get a bit bulky. Depends on the dress eh!


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