Monday, September 13, 2010

September 12 of 12 (and other bits)

Other bits first:
I won a copy of No Sugar Added Poetry book!  Remember  Diabetes Art Day?  Well Lee Ann  at  The Butter Compartment drew names for all the submissions for Diabetes Art Day.  I'm so stoked because I was going to get a copy anyway.  So big thanks to Lee Ann for a wicked day.

Another bit:  
It's National Invisible Illness Awareness Week this week so I've got a couple related posts this week for that.  Click the link or the button on my blog (right hand side bar) to find out more.  Diabetes certainly counts.

That's it for the bits, on to the pictures: I learned about 12 of 12 through Bethany at Me With D.  She heard about 12 of 12 through Mike Lawson and I guess they all found out about 12 of 12 through the creator - Chad Darnell (here).  Gotta love the chain of connections!  

He apparently has bloggers worldwide taking 12 photos throughout the day of the 12th day of each month.  I'll say the same thing that Bethany said "I like blogging and I like taking pictures, so I like 12 of 12!"  Thanks Bethany.

Well September 12th this month falls on a Sunday.  I had a relatively bad Sunday and so all of my pictures are of things around the house as I didn't get out for anything.  Not even my run which I was looking forward to.  Alas, another day another run.  see below.

1.  I usually make big soups on Sunday for lunches for the week.  I haven't been at it all summer due to many circumstances.  But here I am, the weather is nice and cool so I felt inspired to get back to my weekly soups.  I made split pea soup in the slow cooker, one of my favourites.

2.  Yes, I know it's the weekend but I do freelance on the side.  Lucky for me though, I only had a couple hours worth of work to do.  Can't complain about that.

3.  I got a pedicure!  Went out with my mum, and sister Saturday morning.  This is not the first pedicure I've ever had but it IS the first time I've had my toes painted.  Y'know what? I really like it!  Thanks to my good friend Steph for suggesting the colour!  I went for a run later that afternoon and they still looked perfect.

4.  Cute little mirror I bought for the house a few months ago.

5. There's always dishes to do.  This frog was my Grandmothers' and she painted it herself.  The best little scrubbie holder.  Also a good memory reminder.  I used to see that frog sitting on her kitchen counter for as far back as I can remember.  Now it sits on my window sill next to the sink.

6.  A little ambiance you say?

7.  Who doesn't love the puppy eyes?  I can always count on my doggy to cheer me up.

8.  Christopher Moore is one of my favourite authors of all time (thanks sis).  Not exactly classical fiction or anything, but sure is good for a laugh.  F-U Penguin, if you haven't read it - GET IT.  I've never laughed so hard.

9.  The tea never stops flowing from my mug.  This is Twinnings white tea. 

10.  An obligatory pump shot.  I had a panic attack this afternoon (more on that in a later post) which turns my body into the most insulin resistant piece of shit.  A reservoir can sometimes last me up to 6 days and this one is almost empty after 2.

11.  Where do you keep your diabetes paraphernalia?  I keep mine under the bed.  Small house and not a lot of storage means you gotta be creative.

12.  Lastly, this is my rainy day fund.  Comes with an automatic counter in the lid that keeps a running total every time you pop a coin in.  Believe it or not there is $480 in there in Toonies and Loonies (that's $1 and $2 coins for you out-of-country folks).  I feel it has to be full in order for me to reap the rewards.  It's gonna take forever! But that's gonna be some rainy day!

Maybe next month will be better.  Maybe I'll get out of the house!


  1. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Scully,
    Great post! I need to get one of those automatic counters on the "rainy day fund" jar. What a great concept!

    Was wondering if you would mind sharing your favorite split pea slow cooker soup recipe...always looking for new ideas.

    Have a great week

  3. I love your puppy!! And the frog, that's awesome it was your Gramma's.

  4. Wow!! That's really should frame some of those...they look like beautiful stock photos- especially the ones of your toes!!

  5. Excellent post Scully, wish I'd seen it sooner so I could have joined in - will have to try next month! Also, I hope you enjoy reading my poem in that book! (Shameless plug!)

  6. job well done, for someone who didn't get out of the house, you've managed quite well!! cute toes!!

  7. Thanks peoples! Amanda, I'll post the recipe soon. Northerner, I can't wait to read your poem.

  8. My mom had an IDENTICAL frog - just different colors. I had forgotten all about it and the photo brought back such memories. Cool!

  9. Nice 12 of 12 I really like the first one of the peas and also the cute mirror/self portrait Thanks for sharing your day. See you around next month

  10. ... just added F-U, Penguin to my wish list. Hilarious!

    I also think I need a Rainy Day jar like that. :)

  11. Welcome to 12 of 12! I love the split pea photo, your dog is adorable, and the photos of the frog scrub holder and pedi were cute! I'd love a rainy day jar that counts it up too :D


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