Friday, September 3, 2010

End of Week.... YES!!

I haven't been able to organize my thoughts this week.  It's been an awful week for me.  The heat around here has been really REALLY hot.  Temperatures clocking in at 41C (105F).  I learned my lesson earlier this summer when it was that hot.  I exercised in the heat still and noticed my insulin turning crummy.  I brought it up with my Doc (the Endo) and he looked at me strangely like I was talking out of my ass again.  Please note, this is the same doc that had no idea what Symlin was and took me for an idiot.  That was a bad appointment that left me feeling 2" tall.  Regardless, the heat ruins my insulin and that's a fact.  Y'know how I know?  Because it's ME that has to deal with it!  Needless to say I have been cooped up all week.  I tried going for a run on the treadmill at the gym but I just can't stand the gym in the summer.  I often end up in a worse mood instead of feeling fantastic after a run. 

On top of the heat I have had a decent amount of freelance fall onto my desk at home and have been now chained to my desk at work as well as chained to my desk all evening at home.  All work and no play makes me an anxious person, more so than usual.  The extra work is welcomed, but it's a double edged sword.  I really need the money but I also need my sanity.  Yes, that is a picture of my actual mouse I found it online.  My addiction to exercise has its reasons and those reasons are justified.  Its the only time I am thinking about nothing at all except my body and lungs.  It's my way of dealing with the days stresses.  It has meditative qualities that leave me filled with endorphins.  It settles my mind and makes me feel good about myself by taking care of my body.  I really truly need it in my life on a regular basis so when I can't have it, I get anxious and my blood sugars start to act out and rebel like a teenager. 

On a lighter note, I finally managed to make a sensor last 6 whole days!  my answer?  I have to put it on my belly firstly.  I loved the thigh, but too much movement and sweat means it just gets jostled free no matter what I did.  I was finding before that I was loosing grip on the sensor when I needed to change the plastic cover and that's often when it just 'popped' out of my skin.  It always seemed to come loose after sweat and showers.  Secondly, I learned to be patient.. yes folks, I said I learned patience!  If I wait until my body cools down and dries off after exercising and showering I can remove the plastic and replace it without a hitch.  The secret? dry cooled down skin.  Who would have thought something so simple?

In an attempt to finish this off on a somewhat good note, Diabetes Art Day was incredible.  I had such a good time looking at everybody's art works.  It really blew me away at just how many folks participated.  It's hard to keep up with them all and that's fantastic.  I hope we make Diabetes Art Day a somewhat regular occurrence.  It felt wonderful to create something, anything.

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  1. Happy Weekend ;)

    We live in the Sonoran Desert.

    I understand HOT!


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