Monday, September 20, 2010

6 Hours Up, 12 Hours Down

So it's day 1 of my family vacation down in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to be exact.   I spent a week down here last year without a single hitch with my pump or anything.  I managed my blood sugars really well probably due to complete lack of stress.  This year I wanted to go overboard.  I know some people when on vacation might switch back to MDI (multiple daily injections) in an attempt to get a half-assed break from it.  I felt that since I started using a sensor on and off that vacation would be the best time for me to bite the bullet and the awful stares and just wear a sensor.  It helps me to gain better control and the last think I want while in vacation is unnecessary hassles.  I always get a sense of relief when I'm wearing a sensor.  It's a matter of a little less worry as I can track trends.

Well, I've started using the Quick Set infusion sets more lately instead of my Silhouettes.  I was down at the beach for maybe only an hour.  Before we went in the water I realized I forgot to bring the infusion set cap to cover the site while I'm detached from my pump.  I will digress here for a minute to say that only until about 2 months ago did I figure out that you're supposed to cap it when you're disconnected for things like showering and swimming.  Yep, I used to open the packages and throw it out always thinking "What the hell is this stupid piece of plastic for?".  Needless to say I finally figured it out.  SO, down at the beach, I didn't have my cap primarily because I'm not used to carrying one with me.  I wasn't about to walk all the way back to where we were staying so I just did what I always used to do before I understood the point of those plastic pieces.  I went swimming!

Back at the pool I was fighting to get the pump re-attached.  The Quick Set is a pinch and turn motion.  It kept jamming and I just forced it without looking closely.  Because had I just looked I would have noticed that the blue lines clearly weren't lining up.  Hour by hour I was noticing an UGLY trend.  Up, Up, UP... I was doing some mad serial bolusing.  Dosing major amounts every hour or so but to no avail.  It was as if the more insulin I took, the higher my BG would go.  It wasn't making sense.  Finally I checked the infusion set and noticed the blue marks not lining up.  SHIT.  I changed infusion sets right away and went back to my trusty Silhouette.  Upon removing the Quick Set I tried again and again to get it clicked in right but it just wouldn't go.  There were grains of sand stuck in all the moving parts preventing it from locking in position.

Two nice big boluses of insulin 2 hours apart and I'm feeling barely a budge.  I've been sitting in the nosebleed section now for almost 6 hours.  I'm trying to come back down to the playing field but it's so damn frustrating.  The headaches, the nausea, as well as some medium sized ketones to top it all off.  The not being able to eat thing is rather difficult too.

6 hours up, 12 hours down.  Has anyone else noticed how fucking quick and easy it is to rise up into the danger zone but how DAMN SLOW it is to get back down?!  In my experience it's about twice the time.

And the best part? (because there is a good ending to all this madness)

The Morning After


  1. When I get crazy high, I crazy bolus to bring it down. I never give myself just enough insulin to get back into range. I figure I'm going to be testing a lot anyway, so I give myself enough insulin to go through the floor, then I eat something when I start to get close to normal.
    Maybe that's not the best or safest way to do it, but I find I spend less time high that way.

  2. haha! I always throw those plastic caps away too. The ONLY time I use them is when I go swimming. I never use it in the shower or anything....but then I've never had any problems. Does anybody really use those?

  3. jpnairn: I often do that also. It works really well. I mean it brings it down much faster and so long as you keep an eye on it, you know exactly when to eat something. That's what I tried doing this time but it just wasn't budging

    Brooke: I don't think I've ever had problems either, until now but I rarely go swimming, nevermind in an ocean where sand is a factor. I have gotten used to only using them in the shower really.


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