Monday, August 23, 2010


Thank goodness for Costco and Halloween.  YES I know Halloween isn't for another 2 months but Costco already has Christmas stuff out!

Can you see that picture?!  FIVE POUNDS of Rockets!!  300 ROLLS!  1 roll is 7g carbs.  Tasty low blood sugar treatment for a year at least and that's if Rockets were the only thing I used.  Also if a certain someone would stop eating them for fun.  You KNOW who you are you sugar monster and it ain't the dog so don't even try blaming it on him.  The dog can't open a cupboard and neatly snip a corner off the bag. 

I look forward to a change from glucose tablets.  ICK!  Every once in awhile I simply must take a break from them.  Does anyone else notice how they get "stuck" on a certain low treatment?  I once went through a bottle of honey every couple weeks until I started gagging in which case I switched to syrup.  Then back to glucose tablets.  I often use juice when I'm home or at work and you can't really get sick of that.

I guess I'll be sick of Rockets in no time. 

I've also noticed a lot of bloggers referring to them as Smarties.   I guess they call them Smarties in other parts of the world? I grew up with Rockets and they always symbolized Halloween.  Smarties are candy coated chocolates to me.


  1. I do go through low treatment phases also. Yay for massive amounts of sugar! ;)

  2. Yes! Smarties here in England! I've only been diagnosed two years - started using dextrose tablets, but gave up on them in favour of jelly babies (except the green ones!)

  3. Smarties (the actual candy called Smarties - with the chocolate covered in candy...) are only available here in Canada. So I guess the name is "available" in other parts of the world. That and ketchup chips... and Passion Flakies. You say Smarties and at least I your fellow Canadian T1 pal know what you mean ;)

  4. Those were my dad's low treatment of choice after Halloween last year! Then Mom couldn't find them for awhile and he switched to glucose tabs.

  5. Smarties here are small sugar tablets- delicious!! There is no chocolate involved with smarties in my book....but that sounds delicious!

  6. Rebeca, you mean you can't get ketchup chips anywhere else?! that's crazy talk! haha

    Fiona, they are sometimes hard to find here except around Halloween when us diabetics can stock up!

  7. Yup, they are Smarties here in the US. Although your Smarties sound better to me - you can never go wrong with chocolate. (Except when you are trying to treat a low, I guess.) So your Smarties are like our M&Ms?


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