Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rockets vs. Smarties

Continuing from yesterday's post about Rockets it inspired me to post something a bit risque!

I went looking on the web for a picture of the Canadian version of Smarties.  The candy coated chocolate Smarties, the only Smarties I was ever familiar with.  I found this picture, which made me laugh!  Please note I did NOT put that text on there!

I am not getting down on the US but there's always going to be some sort of rivalry between these two Countries.  Furthermore, Smarties - to me - are like the crap version of M&M's.  Don't get me wrong, I ate Smarties as a kid but they have nothing on M&M's.  I only eat M&M's now.  M&M's have those peanut butter ones which I am so completely weak and powerless to. 

YES, I am diabetic and I eat candy sometimes for FUN.  *gasp*!

Mmmm....  now it's on the brain.  And it's only 8:30am.


  1. I had PB M&M's for breakfast last week. No judgment from over here! :)

  2. And now I have M&M's on my brain and it's only 10:30am!!!!
    Have you tried the new pretzel M&M?!?!? TO DIE (or bolus) FOR!!!!

  3. I saw the pretzle M&M's and was SUPER tempted but I'm trying so hard to stick to a gluten-free diet I had to pass them by.
    SAD, SO SAD!

  4. I had a serious Nerds habit for a while. You kids have Nerds up there, right?

  5. I am very sorry, but you have it completely backwards. M&M's are the disgusting and pathetic version of Smarties. I find M&M's revolting and I will not even accept them for free. Smarties are good, and honest candy.

    I like Rockets too, I have no idea why the Americans get everything backwards.

    Don't even get me started on their terrible English and misspelling of common words in the United States (United is actually sarcasm I think)


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