Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I don't know what's wrong with me but I can't get "stuff" to stick to me.  I complained a little while back about problems with sweat and sensors.  I usually have problems with the infusion sets also.  Sometimes they work for the whole reservoir, sometimes up to 6 days!  More often than not, however, nothing sticks.  I thought the IV Prep was supposed to help that.  I swear, I'm going to start putting glue on my skin before inserting them.  That, or start buying stocks in Duct Tape.  Why can't I get anything to stick to me?  It can't be because of the heat and exercise because this has been happening even without the exercise.  The sweat only makes it occur faster.

See this here infusion set? I put it on LAST NIGHT!  I had to go home at lunch today to do some emergency work to it.  It wasn't going to last the whole day, that's for sure.  I'm definitely not wasting an infusion set because of non-adherence.  I'm headed for a run after work.  Seriously, less than one day?  Its no wonder I'm always covered in sticky residue leftover on my skin.  I've tried the surgical tape but that stuff gets grungy after just a few hours.  It always peels and definitely doesn't stick well or hold up through showers. 

Enter Duct Tape.  The solution to my problem.  I almost always turn to duct tape.  That stuff stays put for days (and days).  It doesn't end up brown and grungy like surgical tape and it stays really stuck in water.  Not to mention it's SEX-Y! Yes ladies and gentleman, I wear duct tape.  I am not one of those people that uses it for a million and one things but it certainly keeps my infusion sets from escaping until I say so.

... at the cost of these suckers (CAN$168/box of 10) that we might be paying a bit for good craftsmanship.  Nuh-uh, it's just a crap piece of plastic with a half-assed swipe of cheap glue.  With a big price tag because it has Medtronic's name on it.  Technology un-impressed.


  1. That is definitely some sexy Duct Tape! I've never resorted to that, but I have come close....and it's like one billionth of the cost of those stupid IV3000 tapey cover things!

  2. I had this problem with my CGM and then someone recommended Tegaderm Film 6x7 cm. SO much better.

  3. Hah! Had to laugh before I read this, just seeing the pictures. I've done the same thing. Different brands of duct tape are different. Some comes off too easily and some hurts like a smbtch when you finally pull it off. So I've given up on that... maybe until the next emergency.


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