Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car-Car Ruined My Day

I never really intended to use this blog to vent daily frustrations not related to diabetes.   I just had a terrible day and felt like bitching about it.  I left work in the afternoon for a job interview about an hours drive away from home and work.  Right now I work a 10 minute drive from home.  I'm looking for a new job because I really need benefits.  It's pretty hot as hell these days, temperatures getting up into the high 30's (Celsius). 

I adore my car-car, it's an old Honda Civic.  Manual transmission, no bells and whistles.  No power steering, windows, locks.  No trunk release, no nothing!  Including no air conditioning.  So here I am driving down the highway with my windows down still sweating.  My hair blowing all over the place.  I get near my destination so I stopped, gave my hair a brush and put it back up in the clip.  I grabbed a napkin from my glove compartment to try and clean my face up a bit so it doesn't look so sweaty.  I had on some of my nicest work clothes and I was looking alright.  I totally bombed the interview.  Bombed as in fucked up large.  I hadn't put a ton of thought into working that far away and had no idea what sort of company I was applying for.  I was a bit surprised at the sheer scale of the place.  Way huger than I expected.  After getting an idea of the place I wasn't so keen on working there.   Still, I wasn't too pleased with myself for screwing up the interview and passed it off as practice. 

I get out to my car to discover that one of my tires is totally and completely FLAT.  Ah shit on a stick.  I put the donut on all in the sweltering sun.  Just as I was finishing a couple people came out to help as they saw me through the window.  After blowing an interview the last thing I want to do is sit around and talk to people who work there as I'm now completely covered in sweat and have black hands and smudges all over my face from changing the tire.  My black dress pants were covered in dirt from kneeling on the ground.  AAND, my blood sugar started crashing.  I left there as fast as a donut could take me to the nearest gas station to put air in it (and get my sugar fix).  Firstly, the air machine cost a loonie!  A whole frigging dollar!  I know a lot of the gas stations cost 50cents and some are still free but a dollar!?  come on!  Secondly, the machine was broken.  Keep in mind I'm in a city I'm not familiar with, it's now rush hour and it's an hour drive home on the highway and with a donut I need to stick to the side roads.  I did find a gas station with a working air machine that still screwed me out of a dollar.  I got to a coffee shop, washed my black hands (it took 4 solid soap runs), and bought a tea for the long (hot) drive home.  Yeah I know I'm strange.  Who drinks hot tea in this heat?  *puts hand up* me. 

I then get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 30 minutes due to construction.  At which point I get lost trying to find the roads with my shitty half-assed map.  20 minutes later another tire blows.  FML.  What the hell am I supposed to do now?  I don't have CAA (same as AAA for you Americans) because I'm too cheap.  I called my mum.  I will just say now that gosh I love my mum!  First thing she did was hand me a bottle of orange juice and said "just in case."  Awww....  how sweet!  I had plenty of quick fixes with glucose tablets but that really hit home!  She came out with a can of that 'stuff'.  Its this shit that you screw onto the tire valve and push the button.  It fills it with this foamy stuff and enough air to inflate the tire to nearly 25psi.  All for $11.99!  So here I am on the side of a busy road now taking off the other tire and putting the one we just filled on.  All the while my mum constantly telling me to stop sticking my ass out into the road.   I'm now covered in sweat again and my  hands look like a grease monkey's - again. 

We ended up leaving my car in a friend of the families driveway near where I was broken down as we didn't trust the tire-repair-in-a-can to take us all the way home.  We were still a long ways away.  I finally got home at 9:00pm to look forward to a shower.  Sadly no run tonight and mummers was nice enough to lend me her car.  Tomorrow is a new day, we will see what it brings to my car-car.  I don't know why I call it my car-car, it kind of sounds stupid but it's always been that way.

And so ends my rambling bad day vent.  Not really diabetes related.  It's time to call it quits and go to bed me thinks.


  1. Yes thank goodness for moms AND dads that live close enough to me to help me out when I need it!!!!

  2. Wow that really sucks. What a crummy day. Hey, you mentioned your blood sugar was crashing - go figure eh? The cherry on top!

    I'm sorry that it was so crummy...

    PS HOW DO YOU DRIVE w/o power steering?!? That's quite the work-out just to drive...

  3. Rebeca, you ask, How do I drive w/o power steering?

    Answer: MUSCLES! my little hatchback moves like a stretch limo when maneuvering in tight spaces. It's not uncommon for me to find beads of sweat on my forehead in the middle of the winter after getting out of a parking garage or something tight. It's not that the power steering is broken, it wasn't there to begin with. I don't think they make cars like that anymore. Ol Civic is a '99


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