Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6-Weeks Gluten-Free

You may remember my post awhile ago about my new thoughts on celiacI won't lie.  It's been really difficult.  I went cold turkey.  Some may think that's the wrong way to do things but I felt it was the only way I could do it.  Over the years of health problems I've learned to disconnect any relationship I have with food.  After-all its just sustenance for me.  There isn't a ton of enjoyment anymore.  I still love food, who doesn't?  I just don't have a major connection with it which means eliminating something is a bit easier.

So gluten-free eh?  well I suppose you may be wondering how it's effected me, my blood sugars and my diet.  Or maybe you aren't, in which case I'm not insulted.  I have no idea who reads this anyway sometimes!  I have been feeling ill after food (one of my previous symptoms) far FAR less.  I can't remember the last time I ate something and felt really puke'ish since I cut out gluten.  Nausea used to be my middle name, I was the queen of nausea.  It's the reason I eat such tiny portions to begin with.  I think my nausea will be a post in itself one day.  I can't say yet whether it was the gluten causing it or not.  My previous IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms have dissipated a lot also.  So now I'm wondering if I even have IBS?  I'm not getting the crampy, bloated, abdominal pain anymore.  I also noticed something that surprised me a lot, I'm feeling very much more "alert" these days.  I'm not sleeping as much or feeling like I am always sleep deprived.  I'm not nodding off at work anymore or as I like to call it "asleep at the mouse."  As for the exercise, well I'm having more difficulties and way too many lows probably because my daily carb intake is so low.  I need to find alternatives to up my intake rather than just cutting things out.  I feel there is only so much I can get from eating mostly fruits and vegetables.  It seems that exercise and gluten go well together.  

Those are the first things I've noticed and I still have NO CLUE if it's related to cutting out gluten.  If it is, however, I may have found my answer to a happy digestive system.  The thought of a gluten free lifestyle makes me pretty sad though, even though my relationship with food is nil.  It's the small things that make it hard.  Like, I do - in fact - LOVE bread and all things that come from flour and baked goodies. I do know that those things can still exist in my diet with a little extra work but it will never be the same.  I know that celiac disease requires the complete and permanent elimination of gluten.  There is no cheating or "low-gluten".  I KNOW this.  In which case for me to make a life-long gluten-free diet sits very heavy and uneasy on me.  It's more time consuming, and expensive.  It's a hard thing to accept. 

As far as my blood sugar goes, it has become significantly more manageable.  Without gluten, I find myself eating even more fruits and vegetables instead of my usual crackers, toast and bagels.  The items I used to eat that had gluten typically caused a lot of swings.  Let's face it, the major things containing gluten are bread and baked goods.  Now that I can't eat that cookie or that slice of bread my choices have inadvertently turned low-carb because of it.  Low carb is always easier to manage as a type 1 diabetic.  My daily insulin totals have gone from 40 units/day to 25 units/day.  I am going to keep this up for awhile longer before making a final decision.


  1. You just do what works for you. Experiment (more!)- you'll find that balance.

  2. I am a firm believe in self-induced food experimentation! Sounds like we have a lot in common, as far as how we feel, after eating certain foods.

    I cut out most glutinous foods and many carbs in general and have found I need very little insulin - I am too sure if this is actually the goal I should be shooting for but it is more a symptom of cause and effect.

    Have you ever been to the website www.marksdailyapple.com? it is all about primal eating - not a bad diet choice for a diabetic (or anyone for that matter).

    I cannot do the primal thing had core, but cutting out wheat based carbs and most other carbs too has really made a difference in how I feel.

    Keep it up! Your body always tells what it needs! All we need to do is listen :-)

  3. Krasotica - thank you for relating. I've had a difficult time with my body and not being able to be properly "diagnosed" with anything concrete. I finally decided to just bite the bullet and take it into my own hands. Cause and effect is right. And we are each different. This is really working for me and I feel good for the first time in a long time.
    thank you for the website!

  4. Scully,
    As you already know I feel your pain. Cutting out gluten sucks, but I can promise it does get easier! I know there are a ton of gluten free products out there and I sweat some of them are actually quite tasty (not even kidding). I would like to remind people though that some gluten free products are higher in carbs and/or fat because they need to use something to make it taste good and not fall apart. That being said, I have found that it's almost better for me (mind-wise) related to food in that I no longer have to eat 2 peices of bread I can eat 1 and feel full.

    There are many online resources available discussing various gluten free products and reviews (personal plug right here) worth checking out and recipe blogs too.

    I find it helpful to remind myself that I feel better and have more energy when eating glutenfree so why would I want to feel unnessary pain just to eat? Just like ducking fiabetes (stole that from someone elses blog)some days are better than others.

  5. Amanda, yes I am so very glad to have resources. This is looking more and more like a permanent move for me.
    We should talk, y'know, business talk about celiac!


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