Monday, July 26, 2010

Tough Ride

Yesterday I ventured out on my dear bike for an intended long-ass ride.  My blood sugars for the past week or so have been playing nice with me so I was confident that the 20% temp basal was juuust right.  I left the house full of zest and exceeded my average speed by almost 6km/h.  I remember thinking, wow, all that hefty hill climbing has increased my efficiency!  I was planning on about an 80-90km ride which is NOT more than I can chew.  By the time I hit about 30km I could feel everything slowing down, and aching up.  I decided to turn back.  I had to take some un-planned detours to account for gravel roads that I wasn't expecting in which it added about 10km before I could turn around.  Gravel roads are a big no-no on a roadie.  By this point, I felt AWFUL!  It wasn't too hot, in fact, the temperature was just right.  It was warm - yes - but there was a decent wind and many fluffy white clouds in the big bright blue sky which provided shade from time to time.  I had no appetite and I was dizzy.  Two sure-fire signs that I pushed it too hard the first half of the ride.   I forced back an apple and plodded through.  The rest of the ride was horrible.  My muscles ached, my stomach was upset and I was generally feeling unwell.  My blood sugar started to slowly rise even though I was working off the apple with exercise.  I limped home completing only 70km.  It took me a good 5 hours to come back to life.  I flopped on the couch dizzy, tired, achy, and gross.  I barely managed a shower.  After MANY cups of tea and lazing around I was pretty much back to my functioning self.  My blood sugar continued to rise until well late in the night before coming back down again so I have no idea what happened.  Which came first?  The high blood sugar or the crappy feeling me?  Perhaps it was just an off day for me.  Shame it took 40km to know it was an off day though.


  1. Sorry to hear your ride turned out bad :( I'm not fit enough at the moment to get far enough away from home for it to be anything more than an inconvenience if I feel bad halfway - but I can appreciate what disappointment it must be, on top of everything else. Hope the next one is good ALL the way! :)

  2. Y'know every once in awhile we all have bad days. I hardly got any sleep the night before and woke up with a nasty migrane and feeling ill all over. Probably should have been a sign! I ignored it and had a cup of coffee and an Advil. I am too stubborn sometimes to admit defeat! I really need to take it down a notch sometimes.

  3. You and I had similar days! I'm sorry that you felt like crap, and I hope the next ride goes well. :)


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