Saturday, July 10, 2010

Topsy Turvy Day

I had a persistent day of highs.  I was running in the high "teens" and upwards into the "twenties" on Friday.  I usually translate those numbers for you mg/dl folks but I'm too tired to bother.  They stayed stubborn up there for the better part of the ENTIRE day.  I woke up in target and had my usual oatmeal and peanut butter breakfast.  This is the only food in the entire universe that I adore as much as chocolate and subsequently the only food that almost never spikes my BG.  By mid morning it was through the stratosphere and so I started mounting correction bolus on top of correction bolus.  I started my temp basal at 130% and eventually turned it up to 160% where it stayed for nearly 10 hours.  I was left eating cheese, hard boiled eggs and carrots as I was terrified to put anything resembling a carb into my mouth.  I never know what to do when I feel this way.  I never know what to eat.  I was at work and still needed to function.  What do people eat when suffering from an entire day of highs?!  I felt awful.  Nauseous and hungry (two things which I don't understand how you can feel simultaneously).   FINALLY, late in the evening, something started working and so I plummeted, like a stone! As you can see in the picture.  3.1 and an arrow still pointing down!  I finally shut off my temp basal and fared well through the night.  


  1. How strange and how totally horrible! Glad to hear ti started to come down (and then some!). I was going to speculate on whether the insulin in your pump had been compromised by the hot weather, but perhaps it was an absorption problem? Stupid diabetes! Hope you fare better tomorrow.

  2. I dont know if its an absorption problem. This has been going on for so long through changing sites and insulin. That fresh bottle I bought when I thought it was bad insulin eventually stopped working. I'm convinced it has something to do with the heat outside effecting the insulin in my pump that's being carried around with me. I dunno, trial and error.


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