Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Territory Battle

Like many long term insulin pumpers, I'm running out of real estate to erect my plastic houses on.  I've been pumping for almost 2 years which isn't long in the D-world.  I'm genetically stricken with VERY fair skin.  For example, I get blisters from the sun in less than a couple hours if I attempt to go out without sunscreen.  My fair skin hasn't fared well from infusion and sensor site attacks.  When I look at my abdomen I can still see all the infusion site leftovers for the past two or three months.  It looks like a diabetic battlefield.  Needless to say, I don't heal fast and my skin is super sensitive to these invasive little armies of needles and tubes.  I had to venture elsewhere for new territories to conquer.  Since I shunked my last sensor on my thigh.  I'm getting fairly accurate data but it does hurt quite a bit especially if I bump it.  I got fantastic data with it on my lower back but that posed a problem getting the sticky clear plastic cover on it, I had to get help.  I hate the thought of needed someone else to help me.  Someone "else" is not always going to be around when I need them.  Not to mention having it on my back left me with constant weak signals. 

To aid in my bodily domination I invested in some new infusion sets.  I'm a Silhouette wearer all the way but came to the quick conclusion that I can't place that thing anywhere one handed.  The Silhouette is a two handed procedure, no questions asked.  Like I said, if I have to ask for help, it ain't happening!  I purchased a box of Quick Sets.  Without reading the instructions, I popped it on my lower back happy with the one-handed ease of use.  I fiddled with it for awhile trying to figure out how to get the damn thing un-clipped before I finally checked the instructions.  OH, pinch and twist! Got it!  Now that I've seen what it can do, I feel more confident in areas that are tricky to reach like arms.  I'm off to war now!

P.S. the heat has yet to let up.  I would like to note that at the time of writing this it "feels like" 44 C out there (111 F) !!!!  *sigh* indoor hamster wheel, here I come.


  1. Your post just answered all my questions! I'm going to try what you do and insert a sensor in my thigh- although I'm REALLY SCARED! Do you put it on the front, side, back???? What kind of pain should I expect? How do you get a sensor in your lower back...I also feel that the sen-sertor is a two handed job as well?

    It just cost me $65 to get those little IV 3000 plastic covers to cover the sensor- of course insurance doesn't cover it because it is "disposable"- as if I could really keep the sensor in for 6 days without them...ugh!

    Thanks for sharing- I'm enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Brigdon, the thigh was great. i put it in on the upper outside. It didn't hurt so much going in, but it's been 6 days and its a bit tender if I touch it, nothing I can't deal with. In my lower back, well I'm quite flexible and got it in with one hand with the serter but needed help with the plastic. Good numbers but constant weak signal. Just go for it, you'll be surprised the extra freedom of abdomen-free sites.


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