Monday, July 12, 2010

Shame on Me Twice!

Saturday morning was RIDE day! I got up bright and early, BG seemed decent but sensor bit the dust, sadly. This was the day after my hellish day in the 20's.  I rode 97km. Shame, as I really wanted to just break the 100km mark but surely wasn't going to ride around the block for it. Wanna know why? I lost my F'n meter again! That's the second one in the past couple weeks. First one I lost mountain biking which I sort of deserved. All that jostling and jumping and stuff and my meter was velcroed to my handlebars. But today, I lost it road biking. With 30km left to get home and my body already being pushed for 3 hours and me with no meter. This is the time when I needed it the most. This is when my blood sugar does mean crashing things. I couldn't even half-rely on my sensor as it wasn't working. I was riding blind!! Last check my BG was at 10.0 and I stopped for tea and a protein bar which I bolused half for. What is a gal to do? Well, keep riding home I guess! I felt myself bonking out 10km later. I was feeling nauseous and heat ridden. I forced myself to eat an apple and rest in the shade. It seemed to do the trick as I was back up and riding with new found (and needed) energy. Upon arriving at home I tested with the last meter I have and it was at a lovely 4.4. Good thinking on the apple.  That would have been an uncomfortable phone call. I'm a bit pissed as I now have no backup meter.  It wouldn't be such a problem if I had any damn medical insurance right now which I don't.   I drove 50 damn km back to the last time I remember checking my blood. My mum drove and I kept my eyes peeled on the side of the road but to no avail. Cheater meter never made it back home and I miss it. Lesson learned? still gonna attach it to the handlebars as my saddlebag is full of needed snacks 'cept maybe attach it better. Perhaps put a little "if found, please return to..." tag in it and mark it somehow with a giant bright coloured something or other so it doesn't look like a camouflaged black rock laying on the ground when I'm doing a recon for it.

Post ride however, BG's skyrocketed up to twenty point something, I wasn't even reading the numbers closely anymore. Instant huge correction bolus and a temp basal again. Then try with all my might NOT to eat carbs. Not an easy task after a 4.5hour bike ride when all I want to do is eat everything in sight. Hours later its started coming down but by that late in the night I didn't even feel like eating anymore. I was too knackered and waited too long to try and eat. My body hated me come morning.  By this point I was just plain nauseous.  I tried to make up for it later in the day.  Seems my persistent high issues aren't fixing themselves.  Perhaps I need to be exercising all day every day in order to keep my blood sugar in check, its the only thing that's been helping.  I know, not bloody likely.  I have no idea what's going on.  Its really leaving me at the end of my coping rope. 

End note, I use after my rides to see what sort of elevations I was gaining.  They generate these nifty little graphs.  Its very informative and interesting to see my rides in terms of hills I climbed and how they pertain to my average speeds depending on the ride. 


  1. Just found your blog!!! Love it. I too am a type 1 diabetic- 20 years and love exercising. I wear a pump and sensor most of the time (when bank account can handle it). Have you ever run a marathon? I done halfs before and am now setting my sights on a full. Would love your insight.
    Oh I am a fellow Canadian- living in the West Coast.

  2. Horray for another Canadian! and thanks for loving my blog! It's nice to connect with other canadians, specially on the money front. When the bank account can handle it. What's with Canadian insurance eh?! I've only run 1 half marathon, aiming for another in October. Not sure if I have what it takes to run a full but it's always been a dream of mine. Keep stopping by, I'd love to stay in touch!

  3. Here in the UK meter companies will happily give you a meter free if you call them - they want you to use their strips which is where they make all their profit. Is it the same for Canadians? I also get free batteries and BG diaries from Roche.

  4. p.s. Good luck to both of you with your marathon ambitions! Go for it! I'd say to plan a year in advance, with some shorter distance races along the way to keep you motivated. Choose your debut well - somewhere with good 'running weather' and good crowds/sights, so you have plenty of distractions when the going gets tough.

  5. Northerner, thanks I will try contacting them. Usually here you get any meter for free so long as you buy 100 strips. I just don't have the money to buy strips, I've been living off my stock pile until I find insurance again.
    Thanks for the marathon tips, I'm going to see how the half goes in October and decide if I can see myself training for a full. I will take your ideas into consideration though, you touched on some points I never thought about.


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