Friday, July 16, 2010

Pharmacy Freebie

You know its sad when you go to the pharmacy to pick something up and the pharmacist offers you a freebie and you get excited.  My pharmacist gave me two of these seriously handy emergency glucose tablet containers!  The pharmacist proceeds to tell me they hold just the right amount to treat a low.  But we all know that sometimes, 4 just isn't enough.  My point is, I got really excited! Like a kid getting a toy.  I walked out of there with a smile on my face until I got into my car and thought, "Gee, aren't you easily amused." When it comes to neat ways and methods, its exciting.  When you get something for free that has to do with diabetes?  I think that's reason to smile even if it is something so small and insignificant.  I put one in my car and the other one is going to go at my desk.  So I'm going to keep my lame smile on my face, at least until I have to open one of these things in an emergency.   I would also like to note, also in the picture, my own personal glucose tab containers.  Mini M&M containers hold a perfect 10 tabs.  The blue one is a double size holding 20 tabs! FYI.


  1. Are you kidding, I LOVE that kind of stuff... My endo rarely has freebies that are beneficial to me, but when I get them, I love it!

  2. I never get freebies. Next thing you know all us diabetics will be walking around with Roche and Abbott stickers on our cars and water bottles. Perhaps they should try making diabetes more trendy. Can you imagine? a Medtronic T-shirt?


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