Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Thoughts on Celiac

So I was toodling around the internet when I found Me With D.  Firstly *yay* to another Canadian D-Blogger!  Secondly I was extremely interested in her post two days ago about carbs.  Well not so much about the carbs but about Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease.  A very lovely person commented with a link to a radio program called:  Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease with Dr. Thomas O'Bryan.  While I feverishly worked away at the office (I'm not lying) I listened to this 1 hour and 20 minute segment and was relatively floored at what I heard. I would suggest everybody take a listen. 

For years since my diagnosis I've been battling with gastrointestinal issues.  I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago but most of the problems have not let up.  Some things trigger me and some don't and even that is touch and go.  What might work some days won't other days.  It's about as frustrating as diabetes itself. 

I have had 3 GP's, 2 Gastroenterologists, 3 Dieticians and 3 CDE's all ask and/or test me for celiac based on my symptoms over the past 5 or so years.  All tests of course coming back negative.   But for THAT many doctors to suggest it leaves me somewhat questioning it.  I do have diabetes after-all and people with Type 1 diabetes are at high risk for celiac disease. Also, 50% of Type 1 diabetics show adverse immune response to wheat    I could never bring myself to try a gluten free diet long enough to see if my symptoms disappear, especially when all the tests kept coming back negative. 

After listening to that blogtalk radio episode I am a changed woman.  I have enough reasons to try out gluten-free and see how I feel.  I may be amazed, and then again, I may not feel any better.  Its hard to imagine life without gastro upset and discomfort, its become such a buddy of mine. (big time sarcasm)
Thanks fellow blogger for opening my eyes.


  1. Hi Scully,

    It's great that you're writing about this topic. I myself am type 1 diabetic AND have celiac too. To my surprise it is actually very common. I (well my husband mostly) have a blog called where we/he write(s) about living gluten free and celiac disease and all it entails. I wrote a post about the commonality of type 1 diabetes & celiac disease.

    For anyone who is thinking they might be celiac I strongly recommend you get a blood test done first and do NOT simply stop eating gluten filled foods (wheat, rye, barley etc). If you stop eating these things and then get a test it will show a false negative and you will be unable to know if you have damage to your small intestine because of years of eating gluten.

    Check us out:

    Amanda S.

  2. Thanks Amanda!
    I've added your blog to my reader and look forward to catching up. Although I don't know if I have celiac, I've always suspected it the culprit. With the rate in which my body is deteriorating over the years I'd rather just have answers than suspicions. One more ailment added to the list.


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