Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Running Shoes!

My running shoes are shot to shit.  Recently I was browsing through some of my very old pictures and found one of myself running a race in the mountains in Taiwan. 

<--- old shoes, from 2004.  Mountain race in Taipei. (mind the exposed belly hanging out eh)

I noticed I was wearing the same runners I'm still wearing today.  I bought them in Taiwan and I left Taiwan in 2005.  My runners are over 6 years old!  Mind you I haven't been a constant runner all that time but I spent a good couple years with them.  Since picking it back up this year my shoes are worse for wear.  They say us PWD are supposed to pay close attention to our feet but I really don't follow those rules.  I've lost and damaged a lot of toenails over the course of my running.  You'd think it would be smart to invest in decent runners and not let them get to the state mine were in.  You'd THINK. 

I'm sure also that I've read somewhere that runners should be replaced every 8-12 months or so under constant use.  Anyway, I noticed on one of my last runs that a piece of my sole was missing.  Yes, I ran a whole route before realizing where that strange squishy feeling was coming from.  There was a piece of heel that was totally vacant from the bottom of my shoe and upon closer inspection, other pieces weren't holding on by much either.  Frail, old shoes bit the dust.  So long old friends, you will be missed. 

HELLO new shoes! So strangely comfortable in a light fluffy sort of way.  I went for a run tonight after work and everything felt so... awkward.  New shoes look and feel nice but weird to get used to all over again.  My feets are not used to that sort of cushioning and comfort (yes, I say feets).  Of course I came home with a celebratory new-shoe-blister.  That's to be expected though.  Something always has to go wrong.  I suppose that's why they always recommend breaking them in a bit around the house.  Meh, stubborn is stubborn does.


  1. I know what you mean about changing shoes - the sole is almost worn through on mine! Had them since 2005. I have another fairly new pair (new condition, that is), but haven't had the courage to wear them yet, as it is the pair I was wearing when my femur snapped in Stockholm 2003! Superstitious? Moi?

  2. I'd be just a superstitious. The fact that you are even running again after such a terrific injury! and I mean terrific in the real definition of the word, FILLED WIH TERROR! breaking a femur?! I'd never run again. So no, you aren't being supersitious, throw them out and buy new ones regardless of how "new" they are. They are clearly full of bad Ju-Ju!

  3. I say "feets," too. It's the only way to roll.

  4. I just bought new running shoes too! But I'm a baby runner :)

    They were expensive...I hope they last longer than 8 months! sheesh!


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