Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a Long Walk Back to the Car

Another day, another failed run.
Another place diabetes just doesn't belong in my life.
I set out to run an easy 8km.  Temp basal set low and early.  Upon start of run my BG was sitting pretty at 9.5 (171) and I had no insulin on board.  The location I run at is a local recreation waterfront trail so its usually out and back for me which is where I keep running into these problems of being stuck walking.  At the 4km turn-around I was shocked when my meter screamed back at me with a 3.9 (70).  I ate 5 glucotabs, then 3 more.  I had only 2 left in the container and my BG for the next 30 minutes hovered around 4.  Great, Lovely, thanks a fucking lot diabetes.  Now I have to walk back 4km to my car defeated and pissed off AGAIN!  4km can be a long walk when you're dressed and ready for running, it just feels like a snails pace.  I kept thinking "I would be back at my car by now and on my way to a hot cup of tea."  I did everything right, well, right by the standards of what USUALLY works for me.  Not this time because as we all know, what worked yesterday and the day before, probably won't work tomorrow.  Oh but the day after that, maybe, if you're lucky.


  1. Oh I feel your frustration. I too have experienced this quite a few times. My husband is always amazed that I continue working out day after day even with all of these frustrations. So much thinking has to go into it, it can never be just a spur of the moment type thing, like- 'oh, i've got some extra time i can lace up my shoes and go for a quick run'. No, No, it is more like- 'okay well i plan on going for a run later this afternoon. what should i eat in my pre-meal run to help, when should i start a temp basal and what should i set it at today, do i have any insulin on board, what is my starting blood sugar, is this high enough, how many jujubes should i bring (my fix of choice - each one is 4g of card and so easy to carry)?????' these are some of the things i tell him i have to think about before i even start my first stride...., and even with all this thinking i may have the crappiest blood sugar run and need to change my course, eat when i don't want to, and worst of all stop....all of this and I tell him this has nothing to do with my actual run plan- like is it a speed, hill, short or long run day, what route should i run today, what time is it- do i need sunglasses, sunscreen etc etc... the thinking never ends for these workouts. I guess over the years i have just gotten used to all this crap that i forget that others don't have to think like this.
    Hope the next run is better. Sorry for the long winded rant but I so understand you!!!!

  2. Know just where you're coming from! Hope the next one behaves better :)

    May I refer you to my poem 'Just Do It'? Not appropriate for diabetics, Nike!

  3. @Lindsay - no kidding!!! There are a lot of people in my life that ask me how I keep on doing this. Its nice to know I'm not the only one thinking a million things before my exercise. the thought process and planning start early in the afternoon.

    @northerner - too late for that comment. I just got back from another run where I started @13.5 and 1km before the end I felt my legs were extra heavy, I checked and 4.1. thats a huge drop and walked the last 1km. all with a temp basal of only 25%. Must be this heat!! or some random change in my body lately. BTW that is one of my favourite poems yet, I adore it!


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