Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Many GlucoTABS Till You Gag?

I ate 8 of them yesterday evening and I nearly lost the last one.
It's was Wednesday.  It was spin class day.  Recently I read a post from Alexis over at I Run on Insulin where she says "All I want to do in the entire world right now is work out, and diabetes is determined to ruin it..."  Well I've been running my temp basals at 160% almost every day for about 10 hours.  I stopped the temp basal at 4:00 as spin class starts at 6:00.  By 5:00 my BG was at 13.6 (244).  I would normally set a temp for 30% for spin class but because of day after day of highs and the fact that I was already high I set it for only 50%.  Then right before class my meter screamed back at me with a 7.7 (138)  How is that even POSSIBLE?!  The first thought that went through my head was Alexis' post and I thought "NO way diabetes is going to ruin this for me, I've spent the whole day looking forward to this."  So I choked back 4 stinking tabs.  10 minutes into class I was 6.7 (120).  I had 2 options, attempt to choke back more tabs and chug a bunch of water, or leave and throw in the towel (pardon the pun).  I choked back 4 more tabs.  I've been waiting all day for this measly hour of exercise.  I could BARELY swallow the last one, I think I held it in my mouth for 5 straight minutes dreading the thought as it slowly dissolved its yuckiness.  8 tabs is definitely my limit.  Even the thought right now makes me want to drink a whole bottle of water.  I get those painful sweet spots at the back of my ears. 
I so badly hate those things.
I finished class needing to take a touch of insulin to counter act the BG rise of the exercise and the tabs.  I was DETERMINED to not walk out of that class.  I suppose it was worth it in the long run.

I found this image on the net and couldn't stop laughing.  Look at that poor woman's face, do you think she's enjoying her glucose tablets?!  She looks about ready to gag too, glad its not just me!


  1. I hate them, too!

    I have a more important question about this woman in the (hilarious) photo: why is one shirt sleeve rolled up?

    Is it important to leave one's arm skin exposed while waiting the requisite 15 minutes?

    God bless her and whatever cracker she's chokin' down.

  2. Haha, yeah, it IS very important to roll one sleeve up! :P Classic!

    Do you ever use juice? I used to chow through tons of glucose tabs, but they have become a) hard to find and b) expensive when I do find them in my little city. So I use juice boxes. I box = 12g carb. And soooo easy to eat. And it's fruit. And it tastes ok. :)

  3. Kaitake, I use all sorts of stuff, juice, syrup, honey when I'm at home but when I'm out running or exercising I carry Glucose Tablets sometimes the gels. Glucotabs are cheap here and money is scarce so its lovely chalky gag'ness while I'm running!

  4. Have you ever inhaled the Dex powder??? Holy hell, I thought I was going to DIE!!!!!


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