Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

I love holidays.  Of course, who doesn't?  I use my holidays for self-induced torture some might say but I disagree.  Going on mad exercise adventures are my idea of a great way to spend a day off and more importantly, get outside.  I enjoy a good physical challenge.

Today I left on my bike at 11am and didn't arrive back home until 4pm.  Mind you actual ride time was only about 3 hours, the rest of the time was spent enjoying the day here there and everywhere.  I had another FANTASTIC perfect blood sugar day.  I set my temp basal at 25% an hour beforehand and ran it for the entire time.  I ate a very small breakfast and bolused for a small portion of it.  My blood sugars ranged anywhere between 6.5 (117) and 8.0 (144) for the whole time.  Upon arriving home it was sitting at 7.7 (138).

I can't believe its been working out so well for me lately, thank my lucky stars.  I'm used to swallowing some sort of fast acting sugar at least once or twice.  I guess I'm beginning to learn from experience.  I rode close to 70km and a whole lotta uphill to boot.  I tried to eat about 20g of carbs per hour which is what kept my BG so steady.  Needless to say I have no complaints.  Some tired muscles are a welcomed sensation.  You can see the outline of dear old pump clipped upside down to my sports bra under my shirt.  And yeah, I take pictures of myself, its lame, I know, but I was alone and I really wanted a pic for this post.  

As I learned after the 10km race though, I need to keep close monitoring for the next day and reduce boluses to prevent another day of hypos.  Yesterday, (the day after the race) I think I had 6 or 7 hypos.   Its always well worth it in my mind though and as long as I know its coming, I can be prepared.  Sometimes I feel lucky that I usually catch hypos really early.  So HAPPY CANADA DAY to you! (even if you aren't Canadian).

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