Monday, July 19, 2010

F-You Freestyle!!

I'm noticing an angry trend in my posts lately.
and this isn't going to fall short of that.
Damn You FREESTYLE and your snobby piece of shite strips!!!!!!!!!!
There, I said it.  Doesn't fix anything though, does it?
So I've lost TWO freestyle meters in the past month but still have strips for them.  I contacted Abbott and they gladly sent me a new replacement Freestyle Lite meter within a week.  Little did I know that they've changed the bloody things.  New colour, New style.  Well guess what else they've changed, THE STRIPS!!!   

Oh I'm sorry, the new Freestyle Lite states clearly on their webpage, "The FreeStyle Lite meter is only compatible with FreeStyle Lite blood glucose test strips."

WELL stick it up your freestyle ass!  Cripes already.
so here I sit even farther away from where I was.  A small stockpile of Freestyle strips and a Freestyle Lite meter that won't take the damn strips. 

Thank you and F-You!

Needless to say if ANYONE finds my meter on the side of the road somewhere between Milton and Georgetown, please let me know.  Or the other meter I lost mountain biking at Kelso Conservation Area.  Its a far cry, I know, but hey, still worth putting the word out.

endnote: If you read my "about me" you'll see I clearly am aware that I swear, way too much.


  1. can you get them to send you an old meter?

  2. Will the pharmacy or your doctors office consider a trade? I mean, give you new strips to replace the old ones you already paid for? OR maybe Abbott would consider doing a trade for new strips? Worth a shot at least.

  3. its all viable ideas. I've got an email into Abbott now, seeing if they have any of the older discontinued meters. Not sure If i can get exchange for strips, I buy them over-the-counter here and they aren't in boxes or anything. Not to mention those strips are useless to anybody with the new meters. appreciate the ideas though guys!

  4. Email me your address- I believe I have a few "old style" freesytle meters- I can mail you them.

  5. Just wanted to chim in and say- the diabetic community is so great and supportive! Wish I could help out but I have never used the freestyle meter.

  6. "Freestyle Ass" is my new favorite phrase.


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