Sunday, July 4, 2010

Confessions of an Exercise Addict

Saturday I rode 93 km (58miles) on my bike.
I'm embarrassed about my average speed there though, 21.8 km/h isn't very good for me.  It usually says about 26 km/h.  This ride though, the first 60km I gained 250 m (820ft) in elevation.  I've also said before, my strength is not in my intensity or speed with running and cycling, its the endurance.  93 km in just over 4 hours.  4 stinking hours of riding!  yeah, that's me, endurance is my strength.  I was beat by the time I returned home. 

Hi, My name is Chris and I have an exercise problem.

My blood sugars were great, typical 25% basal rate for the whole day.  Only one near blood sugar crash but I quickly prevented it with some candy.  Even into the evening and Sunday morning my BGs were pretty fine.  In fact my legs don't even ache.  I think I finally have this thing under control.  However, now that I've said that, I'm probably going to jinx it.  I was prepared though, a good amount of snacks in my saddle bag, a fully charged IPOD and a nice thick coating of sunscreen.  I stopped regularly to refill my bottles and kept myself decently hydrated.  I've learned through experience that I have to keep myself snacking even though I'm not hungry or I'll crash (energy wise) and won't be able to come out of it.  If I hit that point, there is no continuing.  My muscles ache, my head starts pounding and I become nauseous.  Its the point of no return.  So I had to force myself to eat an apple, some bars and mid-way through the ride when I felt I couldn't fathom getting back on my bike, I rested under a tree with a fresh tea and muffin and bolused 50%.  It gave me enough energy to get my ass home, barely.  Something most people don't know about me, I don't eat much.  Hardly ever.  I deal with lack of appetite and persistent nausea.  So I get in a lot of trouble from my family and diabetes educator for not eating enough to support my, um, addiction.

SO, I think I have an exercise problem.  And here I am on the wide world of the blogosphere admitting that I have a problem.  My problem is, I don't know when to stop.  That ride, and most all of my rides, I return home almost hobbling, barely making it up the street in granny gear and often calling for a pick-up.  Thing is, I know where I go wrong.  I'm riding along, feeling like a million bucks and glance down from time to time at my computer and think, "Meh, I'm not turning back at 30km, I feel great."  What I DON'T take into account is I often have to go back just as far as I came.  I always wait until I'm pooped before I turn back.  No matter how many times I tell myself, turn back at such and such a km and save your energy for the second half of the trip home.  I never do that.  I go until I'm so knackered and THEN turn around.  I get angry at myself because I know this, yet I continue to repeat the pattern.  And I'm always alone!! There is nobody to argue with me.  Sometimes I feel I have something to prove to myself and my evil diabetes.  I want to exercise like everybody else.  Its hard for me to accept that I'm not everyone else and that exercise for me takes tremendous amounts of effort and calculations and PATIENCE.  I may be able to stay on top of my diabetes while exercising but not always.  This goes for everything.  The running I do also.  I love the adrenaline and the serene relaxation afterwards.  I can't help it either, summers are so short!   I'M ADDICTED!


  1. Saw a comment from you on Karen's blog & wanted to stop by to say 'hi!'
    I figure lots of D-blogs means there are lots of opportunities to find ones that 'click' with you. If they do, read 'em; if they don't, don't add them to your reader. :)

    With respect to this post, I think you might be interested in Team WILD. Next year, there will be a cycling team as well as multi-sport, Ironman, ....


  2. THANK YOU Auntly H!
    I looked up the teamwild and it sounds totally up my alley! I need to research it a bit more, I am Canadian 'n all. I noticed that should still work but I'm going to see if I can find anything local for me. I haven't found much support at all up here but I'm probably not looking under the righ rock. Might consider teamwild anyway. Thanks again!
    You really just opened my eyes.


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