Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brownies, Running and Heat

I'm going to attempt an all-encompassing post.
To begin with, Sunday I made these most delectable, rich, fudgey BROWNIES!  I should begin by saying that I honestly, rarely EVER eat any sort of sweet baked good.  This is no lie, honest, I'm an avoider because I have no self control once I start.  I know my weakness and the only way for me to deal is with abstinence.  I have also, lately, been feeling really down in the dumps with my pal Diabetes.  Its just been utter bullshit as of late and its really wearing me out.  I am not one to fill an emotional void with food either - when I get down and out I normally don't eat at all.  Something in the air was telling me to make brownies.  Not something I've ever even craved before.  I had 1 and a half pieces of hot HOT fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolaty goodness and let me tell you, WOW!  I've never gone from being so down to having a smile on my face, especially not from anything food-related!  This was a one time deal, however, I can't let it become habit.  I just felt so damn good and happy and relaxed.  It was JUST what I needed to cheer me up.  I didn't cheat either, I bolused a lot for that piece and a half of brownie and my BG was sweet as pie afterwards.  In a way, I wished it had been unmanageable.  That way I would be less likely to do it again.  I just had to share that.  I've never experienced such contentedness!

And to follow that up, the heat let up for a couple days but is calling to be back in full force for us this week.  I took advantage of the overcast skies after work and went for a casual 10km happy run yesterday evening.  Can I say that? A casual 10km run?  Well it's true.  No pushing or fighting or struggling to keep up with anything.  Just me, some music and no timer watch.  It was still humid as all heck, but not soupy nauseating smoggy heat.  I was satiated with endorphins and my body thanked me.  The humidity acted like a giant steam room, yes, I sweat like a PIG!! But it felt great.  Opened all my pores and all around it just felt cleansing.  Its why I actually enjoy exercising in the heat.  The shower afterwards always feels ten times better also.  My BG behaved although I had temp basal running all day at 160% which I turned down to only 50% for the run, I would normally have it at 25%.  Shortly after the run it started skyrocketing again.  Have I mentioned how powerless its been making me feel?  Its pretty tear-inducing, even for me. 

So that's a strange post, brownies and a 10km "fun" run.  Sorta contradictory.


  1. Stupid blogger lost my comment! Grrr!! Great to hear that the run and brownies lifted your spirits Scully! As I said the other day on my blog, my favourite run used to be a no-pressure, non-competitive 6-miler through the countryside. Endorphins rule! Hope the diabetes starts showing you more respect for all that exercise soon :)

  2. Normally when I work out I am able to use a temp basil and keep my blood sugars within a comfortable ranges. Once I started wearing my sensors I really began to notice that within an hour after exercising my sugars start to go up. After much trial and error I have now come to realize that about 20 minutes before my workout is done I need to give myself some extra insulin. Endo and I decided I must be one of the one whose blood sugars actually go up post exercise- too much glycogen refuelling to the muscles by my liver.
    all the best :)

  3. Wow! That brownie looks amazing...and it sounds amazing...I may have to bake :)


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