Friday, June 25, 2010

The "Zacklies"

During the night I had "one of those nights".  You know, the *beep beep beep beep* either in ascending or descending tunes.  Last night was the hypo song from 1am to about 3am.  I was wearing my sensor and it didn't give me a break.  For once it was accurate though, meter check had me at 2.8 (50) I put back a bottle of lovely berry flavoured liquid glucose but that wasn't enough apparently to appease the beast.  Usually I never really have to get out of bed but last night my nagging little friend had no remorse for my desperate need for sleep (I hadn't slept much the night prior).  I found myself half asleep on the couch with a bottle of syrup in-hand all jittery and sweaty.  Yeah, that's right, I chug syrup (and honey) straight from the bottle.  In case you were wondering, and I'm certain most of you already know, it tastes horrible.  Its cheap and fast and easy.  Its not so much the taste while it's happening, its the nasty after taste the next morning.  It doesn't even matter if I brush my teeth.  I still get up, make a horrible face and think... "WHAT happened last night? Why does my mouth taste like ASS?".  That, my friend, is what the "Zacklies" are.   Your mouth tastes EXACTLY like your ass.
Happy Friday!

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