Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What? Am I Concrete?

I'm fairly new to the CGM sensor scene.  Been pumping for a couple years now but wasn't really able to afford a transmitter until recently.  I haven't had much luck at all like most people out there with accurate sensor data.  Its rarely right and totally untrustworthy,  and I've been questioning the whole point of it?!  Frustrating to say the least.  

Lately, I placed the sensor on my lower back (I still question how I got it in there without any help, I must be twisty).  I've been getting VERY accurate data from this site it's uncanny.  HOWEVER, and there's always a "however", why can't the bloody thing transmit data through or around my body?  Its a high-tech piece of electronic equipment, what's the problem?!

I regularly keep my pump clipped to the middle of my bra.  This does not work with the sensor on my back.  I'm constantly getting the WEAK SIGNAL song and dance.  So I unclip from my bra, shifty shifty and clip to my pants.  Then I sneakily put it back hoping to distract dear old pump from noticing.  It usually works but inevitably either 5 minutes or 1 hour later the song starts again.  I hate having my pump on my pants, its annoying and I can never get the tubing tucked away enough to NOT catch on something and rip infusion sets out.  Its a toss up though, because the data has been almost 100% accurate to my meter readings, but at the same time the constant weak signal alarm is bothersome.  More importantly why can't it transmit?!  Its not going through much, I'm fairly lean.  I get really inaccurate data if the sensor is anywhere else I've learned so far.  I would like to try my thigh, but haven't ventured down that road yet (Ha, literally) as I'm a runner and I'm not certain if that would be a good idea much less comfortable.  Will it stay put through all the movement I put my legs through?  Also, although I'm not a firm piece of muscle per say, there isn't a ton of juicy fat, won't it interfere with the muscles?   ANY advice is greatly appreciated!

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