Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Always MY Decision

I had one of those days where Diabetes made an executive decision for me.
I got off work early on Friday, very excited to get my 10km run in the afternoon thus leaving me with my evening free.  I did all the good things and set my temp basal for 30% 1 hour before.  I've been having a lot of hypos the past few days so I ate a little something before also.  Well by 3km I was at 7.2 (129).  I knew that wasn't a good sustainable number to run another 7km in this heat with.  By 4km I was at 6.1 (109) so I stopped to shovel some gluco tabs down my throat.  I paced and waited.  Thinking that my low temp basal should be maintaining a good average BG.  I eventually decided that it wasn't worth the trouble.  I was going to run out of gluco tabs before the 10km was up.  Rather than risking a potentially dangerous situation I let IT be the boss.  Besides, who likes sucking back gluco tabs while running?  *GAG*   So I turned back at 4km.  By 6km my blood was sitting at a lovely 5.1 (92).  I knew at this point if I continued to run the last 2km I would be in trouble by the time I got to my car.  Almost out of gluco tabs, I walked back defeated, sucking back the last few of my gag-inducing-chalk-tabs.   Smart decision on my part because by the time I reached my car I was at 4.1 (73) and out of gluco tabs.  I only got 6km in.  I wrote it off as a "please play again" tomorrow sort of thing.     Sometimes I have to give in to the beast when it wants to decide for me.  Because we all know what works one day completely fails to amaze us how wrong we are the next day.  Sometimes, the trouble just ISN'T worth it.  Diabetes, after all, is unforgiving.  And there's always tomorrow... another day, another run. 

OH and I lost my cheater meter mountain biking yesterday.  I keep it velcroed to my handlebars and it must have fallen off while I was navigating some tricky roots and rocks.  I'll be sure to attach it better next time.  I have another meter in the running for cheater meter but I was quite attached to that ol' freestyle.

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