Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Battery Operated

I used to be proud to not be connected to the world of technology. I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 23, never owned an IPOD or a laptop. Didn't even wear a watch. Things change though - and now I don't know what I'd do without them.

As PWD we rely on gadgets. Battery operated survival devices. My pile of devices for survival go with me everywhere. When I say everywhere I really do mean everywhere. I rely on my pump for obvious reasons and since its attached it really is just an extension of my body. My exterior pancreas.

My two meters are never out of my sight. I move from one room to the next and they follow as if attached also by some invisible string. I have my meter that links with my pump for the whole world of doctors to see and then I have my cheater meter. My cheater meter is for me to use when I don't want the data messing with my graphs and averages. I test, on average, 15 times a day. I've been told by many doctors that's too much but I like to know what's going on and I can't afford sensors 24/7, otherwise I would. Using my link meter all the time was throwing all the useable data off course. Cue the cheater meter! I can use that thing as much as I please knowing that nobody will ever see the data. Cheater meter comes with me on all my exercise adventures.

And then there's the gadgets that are maybe not for survival so much as sanity. My mobile phone which is the only phone line I have. It, too, comes with me on most my exercise adventures though I curse it bouncing up and down in the back pocket of my shirt. Finally, my IPod. It sits on my desk all day long and comes with me on every ride and run. Sometimes it goes to bed with me. I'm laughing right now at the thought of taking a photo of myself before going jogging so I can point out all the hidden "things" tucked and clipped to my outfit. You'd be surprised what one can carry! Ah a thought for another day, another post!

Not in the picture are my camera and laptop. I can't take a photo of my camera with my camera but it, too, is rarely out of reach. And although my laptop is key to survival, it certainly doesn't come attached at the hip like these other gadgets do. Although I still rely on it heavily for survival.

Ah, battery operated life.

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